Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I take pictures with the Envision app? 

A. You hold the object you want to recognise and then tap the center of the screen. Envision will recognise the object and give you information associated with it. 

Q. Can Envision read different languages? 

A. Yes, it can. It can read all European languages now in the voice of a native speaker.

Q. Is my personal information stored in the cloud? 

A. No, Envision doesn't store any personally identifiable information in the cloud. All your personal data stays in the phone. 

Q. Does it require an active internet connection? 

A. Yes, as of now it does require an internet connection but we're working to remove that requirement. 

Q. How can I give you guys feedback?

A. You can give us feedback directly inside the app and also email to us at


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