Envision Glasses

Attaching the frame

Get your Envision Glasses body out of the box (if you haven't already done so). After that, open the small box inside where you will find the Titanium frame with a charging cable. Attach the frame to the body by following the instructions below. These instructions can also be used for the Smith Optics Frame.

Attaching Frame

Step 1: Take the frame and make sure it is in an unfolded position.

Step 2: Make sure that the body is also in a folded out position. That means that the front of the body, where the camera and display are located, is folded out.

Step 3: With your left hand take the frame and with your right hand take the body. While holding the body with your right hand, make sure your thumb is on the front part of the body and your index finger below, to prevent the body from folding in.

Step 4: Locate the metallic hinge button with your thumb on the top of the body.

Step 5: With your left hand make sure to grab the end of the frame where you can feel a circular part. This is the circular piece that will fit on the hinge button of the body.

Step 6: Bring the circular piece of the frame on top of the button on the body. You can do this by keeping your left thumb on the circular part.

Step 7: Once the circular part is on top of the button, you will have to lock the frame by turning it clockwise while pressing on the circular part with your right thumb. This will allow you to rotate the band to its position.

Step 8: You will hear a soft metallic click when the frame is attached to the body.

Step 9: That’s it. You can start wearing your Envision Glasses, or practice how to detach the frame with the help of the next guide.

Updated on OCTOBER 13, 2020