Envision Ally

Tips for Envision Ally

Updated on 28 September 2020

Thank you for choosing to be an Envision Ally. Here are some tips to help an Envisioner who calls you in the best way possible:

  • When specifying which way to look (left or right) please specify you are speaking about their right or left.
  • While guiding an Envisioner on which way to walk, use the numbers of a clock as an indication of the direction you want them to turn to or the walk towards. Think of it as straight ahead is 12 o'clock and right behind is 6 o'clock.
An image of a clock with pointer towards 12 o'clock
  • The connection might lose signal if the Envisioner enters into an elevator. In such instances, stay on the line and the call will automatically reconnect as soon as they step off and can recieve signals again.