Power and Connectivity


November 2, 2020

The Envision Glasses have a built-in bluetooth module. This does not only allow the device to pair with the Envision app, but also to connect to other bluetooth devices, such as headphones and earbuds.

Connecting to headphones or speakers

Complete the instructions below to connect to bluetooth headphones or speakers:

Step 1: Turn on the Envision Glasses and wear the device.

Step 2: Make sure your headphones or earphones are turned on and in pairing mode.

Step 3: From the main menu go to Device Settings.

Step 4: Now go to Bluetooth.

Step 5: Double-tap on Connect devices. You will hear a fetching sound. This means the Envision Glasses are looking for bluetooth devices around you.

Step 6: You will hear the first discovered device, swipe forwards or back to scroll through the list of bluetooth devices around you.

Step 7: Double-tap on the name of your bluetooth device. You will hear a processing sound.

Step 8: After the sound you will hear the sound coming from your bluetooth device.

Connecting to AirPods

The steps below explain how to connect to AirPods. Besides AirPods, this guide is also meant for all devices with Apple’s W2-chip (AirPods Pro, Beats Powerbeats etc.):

Step 1: Make sure that both of the AirPods are in its case.

Step 2: Open the lid of your charging case.

Step 3: Press and hold the button on the back of your charging case. The status light will begin to flash white, which means your AirPods are now in Bluetooth Pairing mode.

Step 4: Grab your Envision Glasses and go to Device Settings.

Step 5: Now go to Bluetooth.

Step 6: A list of bluetooth devices will show up. Navigate to the name of your AirPods.

Step 7: Get out the AirPods of the case and put both of them in your ear.

Step 8: Now double-tap on the name of your AirPods and wait for it to connect.

Step 9: A success sound will be played and your AirPods are now connected with the Envision Glasses. In some cases, it might take up to 10 seconds before the sound comes from the AirPods.

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