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November 2, 2020

Artificial Intelligence:  Artificial Intelligence is a broad term used to demonstrate intelligence by machines. We, at Envision, mainly use its subcategory Computer Vision.

Body: The body is the main part of the Envision Glasses which consists of the camera, the internals and the speakers. The body is worn on the right side of your head.

Computer Vision: A subcategory of Artificial Intelligence that deals with how machines can gain an understanding from digital images or videos.  At Envision we use computer vision to turn text and images into speech. This allows us to describe images to you, without the need of another person.

Envision Ally: An Ally is a person that you can add (through the Envision Ally app) to use the call option on the Envision Glasses. The ally, which can be a friend or family member, downloads the separate Envision Ally app and accepts you (the Envisioner). Afterwards you will be able to call the Ally and they will be able to see what you are seeing through the Envision Glasses’ camera.

Envisioner: The term Envisioner refers to the user of the Envision Glasses. The Ally is able to receive calls from Envisioners that they accepted in the Envision Ally app.

Envision Glasses: The Google Glass 2 smart glasses in combination with our AI powered software.

Screen reader: When we refer to the screen reader, we refer to the system that speaks out the interactive elements in a screen. The Envision Glasses have a custom built-in screen reader that speaks out every screen.

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