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November 2, 2020

The ‘Identify’ category helps you identify what is around you. The Envision Glasses describe what you are looking at, or detect colors.

Describe Scene

This feature describes what is seen in front of you. By using artificial intelligence, it is able to describe the scene.

Step 1: Go to Identify.

Step 2: Go to Describe Scene and double-tap.

Step 3: A countdown sound will be played followed up by a camera shutter. This means a snapshot has been taken and the picture is processed. Upon completion, the scene will be spoken out.

Step 4: Double-tap again to describe another scene, tap to repeat the described scene or swipe down to exit.

Taught faces?

If a person, whose face was taught to the Envision App, is in the scene, they will be included in the description.

Detect colors

Detect colors that appear in front of the camera. The Envision Glasses will speak out what is in front of you. This way you always know whether you are matching your red T-shirt with your red shoes.

Step 1: Go to Read.

Step 2: Go to Detect Colors and double-tap.

Step 2: The colors will be spoken out.

Step 3: Tap once to pause, tap again to continue the speech.

The spoken colors are not correct?

Color detection is very dependent on the environmental lighting. To get the best results, try to take a picture of the item in natural lighting.

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