Interacting with the Envision Glasses
Navigation Overview

Navigation Overview

May 25, 2021

The Envision Glasses are designed in an audio-first way. None of the interactions require vision. Although, if you have some rest vision, you will be able to see a screen that is projected on the glass display in the front of the Envision Glasses.


The interface of the glasses consists of a series of screens. A screen is like a page and the content of each screen is always spoken out by our screen reader, informing you about where you are. You interact with the screens by using different gestures on the touchpad.

The image shows an overview of the navigation that can be done using the touchpad and the corresponding screens. It shows that you can scroll through the menus (main or feature) by swiping with one finger, that you can make a selection by double tapping (to either explore a feature or activate it) and that you can access more options with two-finger tap.
Conceptual map of the different screens and how to navigate them using different gestures.

The interfaces of the glasses are designed essentially in four different levels, with each level consisting of a menu. Let’s go through them:

First level: Main menu

After completing the introductory tutorial on the Envision Glasses, you will end up on the home screen. This is also the start of the main menu.

From the main menu, you can scroll through the entire menu by swiping forward and back. On this level, you will find the following screens: home, read, identify, find, call, device settings, feature preferences and help.

Second level: Feature menu

When you double-tap at any screen on the main menu (except for the home screen), you will enter the second level, which is the feature screen. The feature screen will consist of all the features that are linked to the category you just selected from the main menu. For example: if you selected ‘Read’ from the main menu, you will get the features ‘Instant Text’, ‘Scan Text’ and ‘Batch Scan’. If you enter the settings screen, you will find options such as audio, wifi, bluetooth, language, screen and more.

Third level: Active

The third level, in most cases, is where a certain feature is active and ready to perform. This is activated when you double-tap on any feature from the feature menu. If you selected ‘Instant Text’, it will start reading out things to you, or, if you select ‘Describe Scene’, it will go ahead and capture what’s in front of you. This is the only level where your camera is actually active and capturing. In all other levels, the camera is off.

Fourth level: Options

The fourth, and final level, is the preferences level. This will allow you to choose any additional option that exists for a feature and is activated by doing a two-finger tap on that particular feature. One example is in the ‘Instant Text’ feature: by doing a two-finger tap, it will show you the preferences menu to enable or disable offline text recognition.

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