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March 3, 2021

Most of the features of the Envision Glasses require an internet connection. We help you connect to your preferred Wi-Fi during the pairing process itself. You can also connect to the internet in the settings of the device, or by using the Envision app. Check the video below to find out how to connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi QR code or the Envision app.

Connect to the internet using the Envision Glasses (Wi-Fi QR Code)

Step 1: Turn on the Envision Glasses and wear the device.

Step 2: Go to Device Settings.

Step 3: Now go to Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Go to Connect Wi-Fi. If you are not seeing this option, it means your Wi-Fi is off and you have to first double-tap to turn on the Wi-Fi.

Step 5: After double-tapping on Connect Wi-Fi you will hear a fetching sound. Upon completion, a list of Wi-Fi networks will be given.

Step 6: Swipe forward, or back, to scroll through the list of Wi-Fi networks.

Step 7: Double-tap on the name of the Wi-Fi Network.

Step 8: In this guide we assume you have not connected to this network before. You will end up on the screen to connect with the Envision app. Scroll forwards and go to Scan a QR Code. You will hear a sound which means the camera is active.

Step 9: Go to on your phone or desktop and fill in the password of the chosen Wi-Fi network.

Step 10: Generate the Wi-Fi QR Code.

Step 11: While you are wearing the Envision Glasses, look at the Wi-Fi QR Code, or point the camera located on the front towards the generated Wi-Fi QR Code. A processing sound is played when the QR code is detected.

Step 12: Once you are connected to the chosen Wi-Fi, you will be redirected to the start screen and you can start using the Envision Glasses features that require an internet connection.

How do I create a Wi-Fi QR code?

Step 1: Go to on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Fill in the password of your Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Click on Generate.

Step 4: Your QR code is generated. You can scan the QR code with your Envision Glasses to pass the data onto the device and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Connect to the internet by using the Envision app

Step 1: Open the Envision app on your phone.

Step 2: Go to the Glasses tab.

Step 3: Go to Device settings.

Step 4: Go to Wi-Fi.

Step 5: The Wi-Fi connections around you are now being loaded. Click on Wi-Fi name you want to connect with.

Step 6: Tap on the input field and fill in the password of your Wi-Fi. Make sure this password is entered correctly.

Step 7: Tap on Connect.

Step 8: You will be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Features that do not require an internet connection

To enjoy the full potential of the Envision Glasses, an internet connection is needed. That does not mean when you are not connected to the internet you can not use the device. The following features do not require an internet connection:

  1. Instant Text (when the offline mode is activated).
  2. Detect colors.
  3. Find objects.
  4. Find people.
  5. Explore.


Are you outside of the house and you still want to use your Envision Glasses? In the previous paragraph you already read that you do not need an internet connection for every feature. Although, when you are outside, one other possibility is to connect to your phone and use it as hotspot.

Once your hotspot is on, you can go through the same steps as shown in the previous paragraphs.

Hotspot on iOS:

To turn on your hotspot on an iPhone or iPad, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Personal Hotspot.

Step 3: Go to Allow Others to Join and toggle the switch to on.

Step 4: Go to Wi-Fi Password and enter a password. This is the password that you will use to connect to the hotspot.

Step 5: Click on Done. This will bring you back to the Personal Hotspot screen.

Step 6: Below Wi-Fi password, you will find a text where it states what the name of your hotspot is.

Step 7: Follow the same steps to connect to a Wi-Fi network shown in the previous guides and connect with the name of your hotspot.

If you are trying to use your iPhone as a hotspot, but that is also the same phone you paired the Envision Glasses with, you can only connect to the internet by scanning a QR code. ‍

For this to work, you need to make sure that the Personal Hotspot Screen on your iPhone is open and that the option Allow Other to Join is active. While remaining on that screen on your iPhone, you can then follow the steps to connect to a wi-fi network using a QR code. The QR code will have to be generated on a different device (either your computer or another phone/tablet), because you cannot exit the Personal Hotspot Screen on your iPhone during this process.

Hotspot on Android:

To turn on your hotspot on an Android phone, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Network & internet (in some Android phones, you might have to go to More, instead). If you have a Samsung, you can skip this step and move directly to the next one.

Step 3: Go to Hotspot & tethering (if you can’t find it, it might be in the More subsection).

Step 4: Go to Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Step 5: Go to Set up Wi-Fi Hotspot (sometimes also Configure Mobile Hotspot).

Step 6: Choose your network name and password. This is the password that you will use to connect to the hotspot.

Step 7: Follow the same steps to connect to a Wi-Fi network shown in the previous guides and connect with the name of your hotspot.

My hotspot is not detected by the Envision Glasses?

In some cases your hotspot might not be detected by the device. In this case make sure the option ‘Allow others to Join’ is enabled. Besides that, it is also essential to know whether the provider of your sim card enables creating a personal hotspot. You can try to connect other phones with your personal hotspot to see whether that works. As a final check, see whether your internet connection is strong enough. If you are still not able to connect to the hotspot, don’t hesitate to contact the Envision Customer Service team.

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