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Listen to Audio User Guide

Listen to Audio User Guide

November 6, 2020

You can listen to our entire audio user guide, divided by chapters here:

1. Congratulations, you own a pair of Envision Glasses!

2. What’s in the box?

2.1. Envision Glasses Body

2.2 Envision Glasses Frame

2.3 Envision Glasses Power Cable

2.4 Envision Glasses Lifetime Subscription

3. Getting started

3.1 Install the Envision app on your phone

Using a QR code

Finding the Envision app: for iPhones

Finding the Envision app: for Android

3.2 Log in to the Envision app

3.3 Attach the Envision Glasses Frame

Attaching the frame

Detaching the frame

3.4 Turn on your Envision Glasses

3.5 Pair Envision Glasses with the app

Unpair the Envision Glasses

4. Interacting with the Envision Glasses

4.1 Buttons

4.2 Overview


First level: Main menu

Second level: Feature menu

Third level: Active

Fourth level: Options

4.3 Gestures

Swipe forward

Swipe back

Swipe down

Two-finger swipe down




Two-finger single tap

5. Staying connected

5.1 Network

Connect to the internet by scanning a Wi-Fi QR Code

How do I create a Wi-Fi QR code?

Connect to the internet by using the Envision app

Features that do not require an internet connection


Hotspot on iOS:
Hotspot on Android:
My hotspot is not detected by the Envision Glasses?

5.2 Bluetooth

Connecting to AirPods

5.3 USB-C

6. Power

6.1 Charging

6.2 Behaviour

6.3 On or off

6.4 Sleep or awake

7. Features

7.1 Read

Instant Text

Switch between online and offline instant text?

Scan Text

Scan Text with text detection?
Exporting scanned text?

Batch Scan


7.2 Identify

Describe Scene

Detect colors

7.3 Find

Find objects

Find people


7.4 Call

Call an Ally

Add an ally?

8. Make it personal!

8.1 Device Settings










8.2 Feature Preferences

Instant Text Preferences

Scan Text preferences

Teach Faces Preferences

Ally Preferences

9. I still need help

9.1 Playground

9.2 Frequently asked questions

What to do if I already have a subscription?

How can I unpair the Envision Glasses in order to pair them with a different device?

How do I create a Wi-Fi QR code?

My hotspot is not detected by the Envision Glasses?

Exporting scanned text?

The projection on the glass screen is not centered?

Are the Envision Glasses waterproof?

How do I clean the glasses?

9.3 Glossary

Artificial Intelligence


Computer Vision

Envision Ally


Envision Glasses

Screen reader

9.4 Customer Service

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