Interacting with the Envision Glasses


November 3, 2020

The playground is an area to practice the gestures of the Envision Glasses. Once you enter the Playground, you can try out the gestures. By doing a gesture, it will speak out what gesture it is and what it does. Forgot what a two-finger single tap does again? Simply enter the Playground and try it for yourself.

To access the Playground, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Help.

Step 2: Go to Playground and double-tap.

Step 3: The screen reader will speak out that the Playground is starting followed by a sound. After this sound you are inside the playground and you can try the gestures.

An overview of the gestures: swipe forward, swipe back, swipe down, single tap, double-tap, two-finger single tap and tap and hold.

Want to exit the Playground? Do a two-finger swipe-down.

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