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Power and Charging

Power and Charging

November 6, 2020


The Google Glass can be charged with any USB-C cable. This can both be a USB to USB-C cable or a USB-C to USB-C cable. To charge the device, connect the USB-C cable with an adapter. While plugged in, the LED light pulses to indicate that the device is charging, but the device will also speak out the battery level.

The Google Glass also supports fast charging. Use the cable provided in the box with an adapter that supports fast charging. Fast charging allows the device to be charged to 50% in less than 30 minutes.


The glasses can be powered on and off or set to sleep or awake mode. Set the Envision Glasses to sleep mode whenever you are using the Envision Glasses throughout the day. We only suggest to power off the device whenever you plan on not using it for a few days. Keep in mind that if the device is off, turning the device on can take up to a minute before it can be used again.

On or off

Press the power button down firmly for 3 seconds to turn the device off. You will hear a sound that indicates the Envision Glasses are powering off.

Press the power button down firmly for 6 seconds to turn the device on again. It takes about a minute for the Envision Glasses to power on. Once the glasses are powered on, you will hear a sound.

Sleep or awake

When the glasses are not being used, it is best to put them on sleep mode in order to conserve battery. There are different ways to set your device to sleep mode:

Folding the glasses

The most convenient way to put your glasses to sleep is by folding the frame. The hinge sensor will detect that your glasses are folded in and it will set them to sleep mode. An audio cue is provided when the glasses are awake or set to sleep mode.

Power button

By clicking on the power button, the device will go to sleep. This will happen both when the Envision Glasses are folded out and in.

Additionally, when you are in the start screen, it will automatically go to sleep after 30 seconds.


Inside device settings, navigate to power and after that to sleep. This will put your glasses to sleep (even if the glasses are folded out).

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