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What's in the box?

What's in the box?

November 27, 2020

Open the box and start unpacking! The box should include the following items:

  • Envision Glasses Body
  • Envision Glasses Frame
  • Envision Glasses Power Cable
  • Envision Lifetime Subscription
  • Let’s Get Started Booklet

Envision Glasses Body

The body is the main part of the Envision Glasses and it features the processor, the battery, the speakers and the camera. It is shaped like one half of a spectacle frame and sits on your right ear, when you put it on. It weighs roughly 45 grams.

At the back of the body, you can find the battery, the USB-C inlet, the power button and the speakers. A bit more towards the front you will find the touchpad, located on the outside part next to your temple (when you are wearing the device). The touchpad leads to the foldable front of the body, that consists of the camera and the display. The body is located at the top of the box once you open the lid.

The image shows a detailed sketch of the Envision glasses body (in back and white) on a purple background. Going from left to right, we can see the earpiece that sits on the right ear, the touchpad and, right after the corner, the elements that face the front, meaning the camera and the glass screen.
Envision Glasses body.

Envision Glasses Frame

The Envision Glasses frame needs to be attached to the body through the hinge. This will allow you to wear the Envision Glasses. The lightweight titanium frame is shipped separately in the cardboard box. The packaging is wrapped in plastic and is smaller than the main Envision Glasses box with the body and the charging cable.

If you have also ordered the additional black frames by Smith Optics, they will be shipped in a separate box.  

The image (a black and white sketch on a purple background) depicts the titanium frame. The frame is similar to a typical glasses frame (with a sleek design), but it doesn't have lenses and it only has the earpiece on the left.
Envision Glasses titanium frame.

Envision Glasses Power Cable

To charge your Envision Glasses, we have added a power cable. This is a USB to USB-C cable. You can plug the cable in any USB adapter and start charging your device right away. Keep in mind that this device supports fast charging so, if you have a fast charger adapter, use it to your advantage! The power cable can be found underneath the Envision Glasses body in a small white box.

Envision Lifetime Subscription

Every pair of Envision Glasses comes with a lifetime subscription of the Envision AI app for your smartphone. Although the subscription is not present in the box in a physical way, once you pair the Envision Glasses with your account, the lifetime subscription will be automatically added to your account.

Note: Only the first account that you pair with your Envision Glasses will include the lifetime subscription.

What to do if I already have a subscription?

If you already have a monthly or annual subscription of the Envision AI app, you will have to cancel your subscription manually through the PlayStore or AppStore after the lifetime subscription is added to your account. If you already had a lifetime subscription, then there is nothing you have to do.

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