Accessibility as a Service

Envision's software platform can be applied by organisations and infrastructure providers to make their systems and spaces more accessible and inclusive. Doing this not just empowers the visually impaired user/customers/employees but also makes the experience better for everyone. Envision’s visual recognition platform can contextually understand images/videos and be programmed to take action based on their content. It can perform a whole range of visual recognition tasks such as read texts, recognise faces and objects, describe scenes, detect colors and much more, all of which could be customised based on the organisation's need.

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Modular Platform

Envision’s visual recognition platform is built to be modular and context aware. Organisations can mix and match different kinds of visual data and accordingly train Envision to act. This also allows organisations to build and iterate solutions faster.

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From Smartphones to Servers.

Envision’s platform can be configured to run on a variety of mediums, out of the box, without compromising on accuracy and speed. So whether you want to deploy your final solution to a low-end smartphone, IoT devices or run it on the cloud, Envision has you covered.

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Accessibility for all. Minus the costs.

Building solutions with the Envision platform lets organisations to use their existing infrastructure without making special additions or modifications to it. Envision's AI is capable of adapting to complex environments and make them accessible with minimum turnaround time.

If you are an organisation or infrastructure provider looking to make your space and system more accessible, or if you have other applications of Envision's software platform in mind, reach out to us by email, phone or the form below.

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