Read all kinds of text.

Envision provides the fastest and most accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) out there. It is capable of quickly read any piece of text from any surface, including food packaging, posters and display screens. It even works on handwritten text. It is also the most diverse as it can recognise more than scripts of more than 60 languages.

User reading a cover of a book with Envision

Know what's around you.

In it's mission for one-stop app for all visual recognition needs, Envision provides a range of functions – it can describe scenes around you, detect colors in the most descriptive way and also scan barcodes and QR codes from products. It's truly a swiss-knife with new features being added all the time.

Find what you're looking for.

You can use Envision as a literal scanner to look for people and things around you. If you need to find the cup you left on the kitchen counter, or a trash bin in a room, simply scan around with your phone and Envision will find what you're looking for. This also works when you're looking for people in general, or want to find a specific friend or colleague in a new place. You can teach Envision the faces of you're friends and family and it will allow you to scan and find them.

Join the mission

90% of all information processed by human brain is visual information. Losing access to this significant amount of information can be limiting and isolating. Envision is on a mission to make all the visual information around us accessible to everyone. Following are the ways by which you can join this revolution:

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