Envision Glasses

Turn on Envision Glasses

Now that your frame is attached to the body, let’s turn on the Envision Glasses. You can do so by holding the power button for 6 seconds. The power button is located in the rear end of the glasses, next to the charging port, on the inside surface. Please be patient once you have pressed on it for 6 seconds as it takes about a minute for the device to boot up and there is no audio cue during this process. You will know the Envision Glasses are on when it starts speaking out the start screen stating to ‘Go to EnvisionGlasses.com'.

If the Envision Glasses are not turning on, try charging the device with the USB-C cable that is provided in the box. This will not only charge your Envision Glasses, but also make sure it gets powered on.

Updated on OCTOBER 13, 2020