Connecting accessibly advocates with the technology disruptors

It's a wrap! On November 11th, 2021 we celebrated Disruptive Technology for Accessibility and created a new forum for advocates and innovators. With thought provoking presentations and inspiring demonstrations, enjoy the DTFA 2021 experience online below.

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What is DTFA?

The first of its kind, DTFA is a forum where accessibility advocates from enterprise, government, healthcare, and non-profit organizations can connect with the next generation of assistive technology innovators.

From smartglasses that speak out the world around us to real-time transcriptions of group conversations, DTFA is sparking fresh ideas.

Two people talking to each other. In the background there is a group of people sitting and waiting to watch a presentation.

Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Special Envoy

"You are creating opportunities for people that are excluded."

Ronald van Zijp, National Manager Facilities and Reintegration Resources

"Ensure maximum opportunities, for those that need it."

Disruptor Presentations

Watch quick-fire presentations from the accessibility technology disruptors.

Karthik Kannan

Karthik Kannan, co-founder  of Envision presents the Envision platform, the latest updates to the App, Ally, and Glasses. He also shares their mission to empower anyone with low vision or blindness to enjoy greater independence.

Simon Dogger

Tik Tik

Simon Dogger, founder of TikTik, shares his indoor navigation app prototype which can guide people through public and private spaces. Creator, visionary and innovator extraordinare, Simon says just close your eyes and imagine.

Jari Hazelebach and Dora Herkhoff

Jari Hazelebach, CEO and Co-founder, and Dora Herkhoff, Community Manager at Speaksee both presented the SpeekSee microphone system and app. It live captions what's being said in-person group meetings, for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Claudiu Leverenz

Claudiu Leverenz, CEO of Munevo, presented munevo DRIVE which helps people with disabilities achieve greater and more independent mobility.

Michiel Janssen

Michiel Janssen, Co-founder of AYES presented OKO the AI-driven live outdoor navigation app for people with low vision or who are blind.

Ayushman Talwar

Ayushman Talwar, Co-founder of Hable presented Hable One, an easy-to-use Braille keyboard for smartphones.


Here are a selection of images that attempts to capture the excitement and vibe of the evening at The Hague Tech.

Top view of the audience
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