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Perceive Possibility

Envision empowers people who are blind or have low vision to access everyday visual information for themselves. Because it isn’t just information. It’s knowledge, independence and possibility.

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Articulating visual information into speech.

Envision Glasses

Envision Glasses brings our award-winning software to smartglasses, enabling the unprecedented experience of unobtrusive access to the visual world.

With features ranging from real-time text recognition, to voice controls and even hands-free video calling, Envision Glasses open the door for the future of wearable assistive technology.
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Envision App

The free app uses your smartphone's camera to speak out written information, describe surroundings and objects, and even tell you who's nearby.

Excelling in all kinds of text and object recognition, Envision can read text in over 60 languages. Be it handwritten notes, text on food packages or the pages of an entire book.

Envision Ally

The Envision App and Glasses open up a world of independence, but every now and then we all need a little human help.

With hands-free video calling from your Envision Glasses, get the assistance you need from trusted friends and family members, in real-time.
A person trying the Envision Glasses to read a text while another person next to them points the Envision Glasses' camera to a magazine.
The first time I used Envision was to describe my own living room. Tears came to my eyes. I finally knew what my living room really looked like and I didn’t hear it from somebody else. That was such an overwhelming experience. I felt it gave me back a part of me.
Quote by Joy Barry
Envision Enterprise

Tap into talent. Increase accessibility.

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Envision's suite of products and services enable more employment opportunities and higher workplace productivity for people with vision impairment.

Envision helps organisations meet their diversity and inclusivity goals, and tap into new pools of valuable talent.

Don't just take our word for it.

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Andre Louis
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Envision AI is fast and it just works. It's very easy to use, but that doesn't mean simplistic. I'm happy to say Envision does what it says on the tin and performs extremely well.

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Vicky Cardona
Florida, USA
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Tonight I ordered Chinese for dinner. As usual they put a bunch of sauce packets in the bag, all of which feel the same. I was able to use my Envision Glasses to identify what they were, which ones were soy sauce and which ones were duck sauce. Thanks Envision.

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@LetsEnvision This App is amazing. From scene descriptions to text recognition - (yea, even handwriting!) This type of applications are those that really allow us to increasingly remove little by little the barrier of our disability. Keep up the excellent work!

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