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IAm - Design Session

Crafting inclusive solutions for a more inclusive labor market.

November 23, 2023

IAm (Inclusieve Arbeidsmarkt) is a collaboration between:

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Join us, as we collaborate to create new solutions for the three key challenges hindering people with low vision or complete lack of sight from fully participating in the labor market. These challenges were identified in a previous workshop held on June 15, 2023, where various experts, both by experience and profession, gathered in The Hague to uncover the primary barriers and thresholds.

In this upcoming design session, participants will be divided into two groups: the makers and the experts.

The makers

The makers are guided to brainstorm, sketch, and prototype a meaningful solution to one of the challenges and are open to keep working on this after the event.

The experts

The experts (by experience, work, or study) are there to inspire, guide, and help the makers with their insights.

The challenges

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1. An inclusive work environment

Inclusivity goes beyond accessible tasks. How do we make sure that also the facilities, (team) events, and other aspects of the work environment become inclusive?
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2. Bringing employer and job seeker together

Organizations find it difficult to reach potential employees with a visual impairment or complete loss of sight, and vice versa. There is currently no dedicated job board, but is this actually desirable? Or should we find another solution for this?
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3. From your "first day" to "comfortably at work"

Onboarding in a new organization is challenging for everyone. But with a visual impairment this is even more difficult. How do we smoothen this process of getting started with all the right parties on board?


The IAm initiative stands for 'Inclusive Arbeidsmarkt', Dutch for 'Inclusive Labor Market'. It's a joint program by Voorall, Alkemio, and Envision. The primary goal of IAm is to understand the current challenges and potential solutions related to workplace accessibility in the Netherlands for individuals who are blind or have low vision.

Eager to tackle unique design challenges? The 'IAm Design Session' is the perfect place to start. Specifically tailored for those new to the design world, this workshop addresses a range of challenges, with a special focus on the Dutch market. To ensure a comprehensive understanding for all participants, we're proud to offer this session in both English and Dutch.

But what if you're an experienced design enthusiast looking for more advanced topics? For you, we recommend the 'App Accessibility Workshop'. Catered to those with a deeper understanding of design and accessibility, this workshop promises an enriching experience.

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Registration is open until Monday November 20th.

Once you’ve registered, we will get in touch with additional information and an onboarding possibility for the platform that we will be using. Therefore we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible.

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