11:00 - 12:00

Portrait photo of Jesse Wienholts, host of the workshop

See It My Way: Embracing App Accessibility

with Jesse Wienholts

Join us for an in-depth exploration into the world of inclusive and accessible app design with Jesse Wienholts, a seasoned expert in user experience. The goal of this workshop is to guide users, developers and designers, in mastering advanced non-visual accessibility tools and features, enhancing their ability to navigate, utilize and develop apps effectively. Through Jesse's rich expertise, attendees will uncover the subtle yet crucial elements that can either empower or limit users. Ideal for everyone, whether sighted, blind, or low vision, this session provides an invaluable perspective on designing for a universal digital world.

Bad Design

Why some apps are poorly designed and how to make them better as a designer or developer

Good Design

Why some apps are better than others and how to leverage VoiceOver and Talkback.

Insights from Jesse

Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Jesse shares insights on the nuances of designing for different visual abilities.

Practical Tips for Developers: 

Concrete steps and best practices for enhancing app accessibility and user enjoyment.

Interactive Session

Engage with Jesse through Q&A, real-time feedback, and potential hands-on design exercises.

Wrap-up & Take-aways

Summarizing the day's insights and actionable steps for the future.

App Accessibility Workshop

The 'App Accessibility' workshop is given by Jesse Wienholts, adynamic professional with a background in Business IT. Jesse's journey began at Dedicon, where he honed his skills as an accessibility tester, ensuring that digital content was accessible to all. His passion for inclusive technology led him to Envision, where he wore multiple hats as a community manager and tester, bridging the gap between users and developers to deliver seamless user experiences. Today, Jesse serves as an advisor for digital accessibility and innovation at Visio. His commitment to fostering an inclusive digital world makes him a trailblazer in the realm of digital accessibility. With each endeavor, Jesse continues to push the boundaries, ensuring that technology is not just for the many, but for everyone.

Are you familiar with screenreaders and the various accessibility features on devices? If so, this workshop is tailored just for you! We're delving deeper into advanced topics, ideally suited for those with prior knowledge in the field.

However, if you're looking for a beginner-friendly session, particularly tailored to the Dutch market, and wish to participate in Dutch, we've got you covered too!

Than, consider enrolling in the 'IAm Design Session'. It's designed to cater to newcomers and offers insights specifically focused on the Dutch audience. Join us and embark on your accessibility journey, no matter your expertise level!

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