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The use of this application has become a tool that I use in my daily life at least 30 times a day texts, recognition of labels, posters, etc. without it you cannot live congratulations to the team that has normalized our interaction with the environment.

I have downloaded the app and given it a quick try. It’s brilliant! Well done to the developers.

I bought a lake house and I needed to texture the walls. Once again, I have a roller in one hand and paint in the other, so I didn’t have room for a phone. I realised I can call a friend who can see through the Envision Glasses Ally feature. Wow!

The "Call an Ally" feature is where Envision Glasses are a cut above any other wearable in the market. The only thing that holds you back when using the Envision Glasses is your own imagination. The glasses are game changers.

Last year I had to set up a device to watch television. If you can’t see, like me, you cannot read the menus. So I called my friend through Envision Ally to look with me and he directed me to where to press to set up the device, so the installation was very successful. I was very surprised about it.

Personally, one of my favourite apps of all time. So much so, that remapping the normally pointless Bixby button to load Envision AI was a simple, and to me, sensible choice. Fantastic work, Envision Team.

Hi Envision. Have to say you guys have hit it out of the park with the new voice-activated upgrade. Absolutely fantastic and it works great. Thank you for continuing to improve the glasses.

Took my @LetsEnvision glasses on a trip to the mall today for the first time. Two impressions:1. Man the visual senses are overloaded with so much advertising2. I loved every ad, because I had no idea that there were so many until today.

@LetsEnvision This App is amazing. From scene descriptions to text recognition - (yea, even handwriting!) This type of applications are those that really allow us to increasingly remove little by little the barrier of our disability. Keep up the excellent work!

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Testing the updated "Explore" and "Find Objects" features

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Envision Glasses visual aid review by blind travels.

The blogger blind travel analysed in detail the Envision glasses as a low vision user.

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Sam from The Blind Life reviews Envision Glasses

In this video, we take a look at the Envision Glasses, a new wearable assistive technology device for the visually impaired.

Cover images from the blogs and videos

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