Envision for Enterprise

Independence, inclusion, and accessibility for all employees who are blind or have low vision.

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Our story

Envision’s mission is to make the world more inclusive and accessible. Since 2017 our award-winning Envision apps and smart glasses have given hundreds of people who are blind or have low vision around the world greater independence and participation by speaking out the visual world around them.

A man in the office giving a speech using envision glasses
Envision's suite of products and services enable more employment opportunties and higher workplace productivity for people with vision impairement.

Envision helps organizations meet their diversity and inclusivity goals, and tap into new pools of valuable talent.
What is Envision for Enterprise?

Make your workplace more accessible

Woman wearing Envision Glasses with Smith Optics
Envision for Enterprise is a suite of assistive technology and tools for professionals who are blind or have low vision and their employers.

Excelling in all kinds of text recognition, Envision can read any kind of text, from handwritten notes to printed documents in over 60 languages. It also supports hands-free video calls.
How it works

A complete suite of accessibility products

Envision Glasses

Our best-in-class smart glasses offering that uses the power of speech to make everyday life more accessible for any visual impairment, all while staying discreet and allowing for hands-free use. Through the Envision Glasses your employees can turn text into speech (be it short or long), make hands free video calls, and get descriptions of their environment.

Envision App

Our award-winning mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. Along with text recognition, scene description and scanning capabilities, The Envision App works in tandem with the Envision Glasses to allow users to not only turn text to speech, but also to save any useful pieces of text directly on-device for later use.

Envision Ally

Through Envision Ally your employees will now be able to connect directly with their sighted colleagues and internal support teams via hands free video call through the Envision Glasses.

With hybrid workplaces, Envision Ally allows employers to fully support their employees who are blind or have low vision wherever they are.

Envision Platform

From our design philosophy to our dedicated customer success team, Envision for Enterprise was created to be a collaborative community platform. We'll collaborate with you to ensure Envision Enterprise meets your organization's unique needs.

Our integration with other accessibility solutions provides you with one adaptive platform, innovative roadmap and dedicated partner contact.


Don't just take our word for it

Harold D. Thomas II

I have been legally blind all of my life and I absolutely love this app. It absolutely does everything it says it does and more.

Vicky Cardona

I’ve used the Envision Glasses to read information in the app that I use for work on my phone. The app is not fully accessible, so I usually have to jump through a couple of hoops for the Voice reader to start working and with the Envision Glasses I just opened my phone and it started reading out the information on the screen to me. It did surprisingly well, so I was very impressed by that.

Sharon Giovinazzo

Envision glasses for the blind have truly revolutionized the way I work. They have not only helped me overcome challenges in the workplace but have also empowered me to excel in my professional endeavors with confidence and independence. I am grateful for this incredible technology and highly recommend it to any visually impaired individual seeking to enhance their productivity and efficiency at work.

Our Partners

Doing better, together.

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Get started today

Make your workplace more accessible

Vanessa showcases how to use Envision glasses for reading a magazine
Our free pilot program allows you to test out the technology in-person with your employees who are blind or have low visionto see if it’s the right fit.

If this sounds interesting for you, or your team, get in touch with us: