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Our Story

Envision’s mission is to make the world more inclusive and accessible. Since 2017 our award-winning Envision apps and smart glasses have given hundreds of visually impaired people around the world greater independence and participation by speaking out the visual world around them.

Envision for Enterprise extends our mission by enabling organizations to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals, provide meaningful employment to people with low vision or blindness, and tap into valuable new talent pools.

A woman swiping on the touch pad of the Envision Glasses while wearing them.

A Truly Accessible Workplace

Envision builds assistive tech & services to help more of us navigate everyday life as independently as possible. With Envision for Enterprise It’s not just reading your screen or a document: it’s the possibility of a career in a field you’ve dreamed of. It’s not just having another video meeting, it's the possibility of sharing experiences and collaborating with colleagues.

At Envision we believe that true workplace accessibility is a marriage of productivity, independence and freedom. Envision for Enterprise enables employers in creating a truly accessible workplace for their visually impaired employees.

How it Works

Envision for Enterprise is a holistic solution that incorporates everything we've spent the last five years developing and refining. It is your one-stop solution for all your visually impaired employees' needs, with an added focus on staying connected to their colleagues and co-creating with Envision.

Envision Glasses

Our best-in-class smart glass offering that uses the power of speech to make everyday life more accessible for any visual impairment, all while staying discreet and allowing for hands-free use. Through the Envision Glasses your employees can turn text into speech (be it short or long), make video calls, and get descriptions of their environment.

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Envision App

Our award-winning mobile app available on both iOS and Android. Along with text recognition, scene description and scanning capabilities, The Envision App works in tandem with the Envision Glasses to allow users to not only turn text to speech, but also to save any useful pieces of text directly on-device for later use.

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Envision Ally

Through Envision Ally your employees will now be able to connect directly with their colleagues or internal support teams via video call through the Envision Glasses, giving sighted employees the opportunity to positively impact the lives of their colleagues.

With hybrid work becoming the norm, Envision Ally allows employers to fully support their visually impaired employees whether it be remote or at the workplace.

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Envision Platform

From our design philosophy to our dedicated customer success team, Envision for Enterprise was created to be a collaborative community platform. Through frequent check-ins, we'll work with you to adapt the solution to your needs and, if necessary, create customized solutions.

Our Partners

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Don’t just take our word for it

“Envision Glasses are one of the very few devices that really changed how I do things. Yesterday I went to a government office, identified that the long reception desk is separated into different sections, located the section I should go to and noticed I needed to grab a number to get on the waiting list, all thanks to the Envision Glasses. It brings great joy to be able to do things like this, and I can actually function with my Glasses and my dog.”


“The thing about the glasses is it gives you the extra confidence to do those extra tasks that you would not do by yourself usually. It really brightens my capability as a blind man living independently. This is a game changer. Now if I can only get these glasses to clean my apartment."

Scott Haartmann
United States of America

“Envision is the only technology that incorporates the real-time reading of text so that if you need to read signs, text on your computer screens, or anything else immediately, Envision AI can handle it for you with no problem whatsoever. The goal of Envision is to make blind or visually impaired people as independent as humanly possible without needing any assistance from another human. However, if that’s still needed, you can get human guidance through the video call feature in the app and glasses, and they’re seeing exactly what you see, so they can guide you around objects and such. Envision AI is hands down the winner here.”

Donald Brown
United States of America

“Used my new Envision Glasses to read a printed letter from the hospital this morning. It’s the best OCR I’ve ever used! Wonderful to now be able to read my own mail without having to ask someone else to! read it for me!”

Stuart Beveridge
United Kingdom
Winner of Google Play Award 2019AppleVis Hall of Fame

Let’s Envision a Better Workplace

Our free pilot program allows you to test out the technology in-person with your visually impaired employees to see if it’s the right fit. If Envision sounds ideal for yourself, or your team, get in touch with us now via enterprise@letsenvision.com or choose one of the two options below.

Illustration of a man with a guide dog using the Envision Glasses.