Why choose Envision Glasses over other wearable devices

Owning the right assistive technology means having unlimited access to information, independence, and possibility. Choosing what’s right for you, however, can be a difficult decision.

Front view of the Envision Glasses with the Titanium Frames

Wearable blind and low vision devices: similar, but not the same

Wearable devices are changing the way people who are blind or who have low vision can access information and enjoy greater independence than ever. That’s great news.

With several products offering similar features as Envision Glasses, such as reading text and identifying objects, it's important to understand the differences and make the best choice for your needs now and in the future.

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A person is looking at a T-shirt and wearing the Envision Glasses

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Intuitive, hands-free design

No clunky clip-ons, clumsy cables or weird-looking goggles. Just unobtrusive, intuitive smartglasses that feel and look great whether they are worn with a sleek titanium band or choice of designer frames.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of keeping your hands free and being untethered as you control your Envision Glasses with your voice or a few simple gestures.
Close up of the Envision Glasses from the side

Easy reading

From handwritten notes to newspapers, books and magazines, read any kind of text in over 60 languages, download, and save to enjoy at your own pace.

Read any short text that’s in front of you with Instant Text and turn any kind of long-form text into speech with Scan Text. With Batch Scan, Smart Guidance and Layout Detection to guide you, dive into that book and listen back at leisure.
A man wearing Envision Glasses and holding a magazine

Video calling

These smartglasses open up a world of independence, but sometimes we need a little extra help.

Discreetly make handsfree video calls to friends, family, or even professionally trained agents, anytime. Enjoy instant assistance on your terms.
Split screen showing a person using videocalling with the Envision Glasses on the left and the output of the video of a cake on the right.

Value for money

Envision Glasses are competitively priced with the greatest choice of features and functions available anywhere.

The Envision team is always innovating, adding new services and value. Online and offline options save on data when you’re on the move.
Front view of a person holding a white cane and wearing Envision Glasses outside.

Third party app and service integrations

Enjoy easy, instant access to an ecosystem of your favourite apps and services on the Envision Glasses.

Aira: professional visual interpretation, handsfree.
Cash Reader: know your notes fast when on or offline reading.
Blindsquare: read QR codes to access a world of information.
Illustration showing the integration of Envision with Aira, Cash Reader and Blind Square.

Superior customer support

Get up and running out-of-the box with a free and personalized 90-minute onboarding with an Envision customer success specialist.

Learn fast with well-documented and thoughtfully-created online and on-device support, tutorials, and guides, available in multiple languages.

We love answering questions and helping our community. Our dedicated support team is easy to reach by email (support@letsenvision.com), on social media, across our community channels and via our distributors.
Karthik Kannan showing another person with the Envision Glasses how the gestures work.

Don't just take our word for it

Profile picture of Jonathan Mosen
Jonathan Mosen

“In short, the Envision Smart Glasses are a fantastic product. They’re intuitive, they do what the marketing says they’ll do, and they’re thoroughly documented. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you end up purchasing them.” - Jonathan Mosen, Mosen At Large.

Profile picture of Kevin Chao
Kevin Chao

“My Ah-ha moment when using the Envision Glasses was when I was going down the street reading signs and just coming across other information, like anyone else” - Kevin Chao, Apple speaking on Blind Abilities

Profile picture of Gary O'Donoghue
Gary O'Donoghue

“This is what everyone wanted - getting live assistance through a camera on the side of your (Envision) glasses.” - Gary O'Donoghue, BBC Radio 4.

Why we care

Envision empowers people who are blind or have low vision to access everyday visual information for themselves. Because it isn’t just information. It’s knowledge, independence, and possibility.

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