We are a team of creators, thinkers and doers who are deeply passionate about technology and how it can empower people when applied meaningfully.

Team Envision looking cheerful, with Karthik, Jesse and Karthik sitting on a couch, and Dafni and Irene standing behind them. Karthik is holding a picture of Kshitij in one hand and the other Karthik is hold a paper saying "This could be you."

Our Team

Photo of Karthik Kannan awkwardly smiling for the camera

Karthik Kannan

Chief Technology Officer
Photo of Karthik Mahadevan joyfully smiling for the camera

Karthik Mahadevan

Chief Executive Officer
A picture of Pierre in a suit looking into the camera

Pierre Kegels

Chief Commercial Officer
Picture of Rudolf smiling for the camera

Rudolf Maas

Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Arman looking sideways

Arman Soudi

Lead Engineer
This is a picture of Alberto Manente who is the Customer Success Manager at Envision

Alberto Manente

Customer Success Manager
Photo of Abby happily smiling for the camera

Abby Esteves

iOS Engineer
Picture Ferkan smiling for the camera

Ferkan Metin

Product Designer
Picture of Jeroen wearing a cap and smiling for the camera

Jeroen Hofman

UI/UX Designer
Photo of Kshitij Aggarwal reassuringly smiling for the camera

Kshitij Aggarwal

Android Engineer
A profile picture of Nils

Nils Heyman-Dewitte

Computer Vision Engineer
This is a picture of aneesha in a white top standing in front of a scene with buildings and pathway in the background.

Aneesha Singh

Digital Marketing Manager
A profile picture of Marinda smiling for the camera

Marinda Wijnen

Customer Success Specialist
Profile photo of Pamela

Pamela De Niz

Customer Success Specialist
A profile picture of Priyanka looking into the camera

Priyanka Srivastava

Inbound Sales Executive
Picture of Benya wearing a black top

Benya Sutyanyong

Graphic Design Intern
Picture of Costanza D'Arcangelis wearing a black cap

Costanza D'Arcangelis

Graphic Design Intern
Photo of Jesse Wienholts curiously smiling for the camera

Jesse Wienholts

Alpha Tester / Community Manager
A profile picture of Monica Herring

Monica Herring

UX Research Intern
A profile picture of Taner in a white t-shirt

Taner Ulusoy

Design Engineer Intern

Life at Envision

Ferkan, lying on the floor while designing packaging for Envision glassesKarthik and Karthik setting up their first ever Christmas tree at the officeJesse taking a picture of a document to read it with the Envision GlassesIlse demonstrating the Envision glasses to group of visitors at an expo in DubaiTeam Envision sitting on a table while engrossed in their workThe whole Envision team celebrating milestone with some champagne in their handsDafni writing down her marketing ideas on a whiteboard while sitting on the floorScreenshot of team Envision on a Zoom call goofing around

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