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Are you a happy Envisioner ready to share your experience and knowledge to help others? If so, sign up today to become an Envision Ambassador. 100 % Voluntary and full of opportunities to make a meaningful impact, Envision Ambassadors connect communities of like-minded, passionate people on a mission to help everyone perceive the possible.

A woman wearing and interacting with the Envision Glasses

How can you help?


As an enthusiastic and seasoned Envisioner, become a go-to person for all things Envision App and Envision Glasses related. Answer questions from the community and share your experience, tips and resources.


Get into action for accessibility! At least once a month, participate or organize events for the visually impaired and share Envision stories and positive experiences on socials and with your community.


Help us innovate and grow by providing regular feedback and insights on Envision products and services.


Inspire others by engaging across the Envision community at least once a month sharing news, tips and your own experiences to help others.

- Optional -


Get early access to the latest and greatest features and functions on your Envision Glasses and App by becoming an Envision tester, and provide helpful feedback to us.


Help us speak your language by translating small pieces of text.

As an Envision Ambassador you get to enjoy:

Exclusive access to Envision Ambassador events, merchandise and swag.

Early access to our news, campaigns, and developments

Direct access to the Envision team and community to share ideas and feedback at any time.

Marketing support  and resources to help you organize events, meet ups, competitions and more! 

How Envision Will Help You

Our Ambassadors

Khalfan Bindhaher

from UAE

Photo of Haruka standing in a colorful meadow

Hope Hein

from USA

Anastasia standing surrounded by trees

Anastasia Matveyeva

from Russia

Anastasia from Russia is a translator which she really enjoys! Mainly because it helps her meet so many people across the world, but she also loves to be involved in exciting international projects, like Envision.

Photo of Elena Brescacin

Elena Brescacin

from Italy

Elena is a web developer and accessibility tester of websites and apps in Italy. Blind from birth, she has been passionate about technology. In her job she seeks the best technological solutions to make the use of technology easier for blind people. Also, she provides product feedback to ensure that they’re absolutely user-friendly. Since 2013 she collaborates with, a specialized portal about accessible Apple solutions.

Photo of Ben smiling in the camera

Benjamin Hofer

from Germany

Benjamin is a software and DevOps Engineer from Germany. Ben has extended knowledge of accessibility both from a technical and a user's point of view and helps Envision users all over Germany and German speaking countries with any questions they may have. Ben is very busy so may not reply suuuuper quick, but he's there to help!

Photo of Salih smiling in the camera

Salih Kunduz

from Turkey

Salih Kunduz is a government employee, award-winning Android and web accessibility advisor, blogger, translator, music and languages enthusiast. Very diverse and extremely helpful for all the Turkish Envision users. Check Salih's website to reach out to him and learn more about Envision in Turkey.

Photo of Jesse smiling

Jesse Wienholts

from The Netherlands

As part of the Envision Team, Jesse also helps shaping Envision for the Dutch speaking users. Jesse studies Business Information Management and in his spare time he is a fanatic dragon boat racer. Jesse also helps us with the Ambassador Program and shapes the way we interact with all of you!