Envision Glasses

Articulating everyday visual information into speech. And, with this information, comes the feeling of independence and the perception of possibilities.

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What are Envision Glasses?

Enjoy independence and perceive possibility

Lightweight glasses, with a camera and direct speaker, Envision Glasses speak out text and environmental information, recognizes faces, light, and colors, and lets you share that information.

Unobtrusive, intuitive design, Envision Glasses excel in all kinds of text recognition, even handwriting, in over 60 languages.

Integrate Envision with your favorite applications

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Don't just take our word for it

Vicky Cardona

Tonight I ordered Chinese for dinner. As usual they put a bunch of sauce packets in the bag, all of which feel the same. I was able to use my Envision glasses to identify what they were - which ones were soy sauce and which ones were Duck Sauce. Thanks Envision.

Jakob Rosin

Took my @LetsEnvision glasses on a trip to the mall today for the first time. Two impressions:
1. Man the visual senses are overloaded with so much advertising
2. I loved every ad, because I had no idea that there were so many until today.

Michael Moore

Hi Envision. Have to say you guys have hit it out of the park with the new voice-activated upgrade. Absolutely fantastic and it works great. Thank you for continuing to improve the glasses.