Computer Vision Intern


What if you could help millions of people use a tool that has a real impact on their everyday life? That’s the opportunity with Envision’s small but passionate team. We empower people who are blind or have low vision to access everyday visual information for themselves. Because it isn’t just information. It’s knowledge, independence, and possibility.

The Product

Envision products articulate visual information into speech. The Envision App is free for everyone — It uses your smartphone’s camera to speak out written information, describes surroundings and objects, and even tells you who’s nearby. Excelling in all kinds of text and object recognition, Envision can read the text in over 60 languages. Be it handwritten notes, text on food packages, or the pages of an entire book.

Our Envision Glasses meanwhile brings our award-winning software to smart glasses, enabling the unprecedented experience of unobtrusive access to the visual world. With features ranging from real-time text recognition, to voice controls and even hands-free video calling, Envision Glasses open the door for the future of wearable assistive technology.

The role

Our Envision app and glasses are growing bigger and bigger by the day. Whichmeans we now have the ability to impact so many more, if we build our tools theright way. We are looking for teammates who will join us on this journey tocode, to build, to impact and have fun while doing it.What you will do:

·       Join the Computer Vision team inbuilding features assisting visually impaired people through our smart glasses.

·       Polish existing features of our app& Glasses and work towards further improving the performance andreliability of the app.

·       Bring a different and uniqueperspective of solving our many vision based problems.

·       This role requires minimum of 3months duration

Must have

·       Self-motivated, passionate,reliable and driven.

·       Knowledge of computer vision andmachine learning techniques

·       Experience with relevantprogramming languages such as Python or C++

·       Familiarity with deep learningframeworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch

Nice to have

·       Strong analytical skills andexperience working with large datasets

·       Hands on attitude when it comesdown to building, cleaning and processing datasets

·       Interest in NLP and LLM’s.

·       Willingness to work with C++

·       Good grasp of statistics and basicsof data science

·       Excellent communication and collaboration skills

What we will offer:

·       Be part of a diverse, award-winningteam: we are a team of 30 (and growing!) diverse dreamers, doers and tinkerersbased at The Hague Tech in The Hague, the Netherlands. Outside of work, we loveto have deep discussions about food, tech and everything under the sun. We wonthe Google Play Award 2019 for the Best Accessibility Experience, won theComputable award and were nominated for AppleVis Hall of Fame 2019.‍

·       Have a global impact at scale: weare a young company, but we have a global impact. We have users in 200+countries and we aim to be as inclusive as possible.‍

·       Sell products that people love,that solves real problems: our greatest source of inspiration and motivationare our users who love our products which truly enable them to be independentin their everyday lives. We are pioneering real-life applications oftechnologies like AI for good.‍‍

·       Gain new skills fast: because weare a close-knit team of domain masters, we are always learning from each otherin order to work more synchronously. Your mind, abilities, and product sensewill expand every day.‍

·       We take care of you: competitivecompensation package and target-based incentives while covering the cost fortravel and relocation if needed!

Our Process

·       45-minute Screening call divinginto your previous projects

·       Joining the team 🎉

How to Apply

Sound like a good fit for you? Please email us at and include:

  • This role's title in your subject line, it'll help us to sort through the emails.
  • Send your resume and any links that best showcase relevant projects you have built and done. For instance, your portfolio, LinkedIn, Github or writing samples.
  • Keep it short and sweet.

How to Apply

Sounds like a good fit for you?

We have a short form to fill out for you. The form will request some basic information about you and will consist of a short simple test.

Please fill out this form to apply :