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What if you could help millions of people use a tool that has a real impact on their everyday life? That's the opportunity with Envision's small but passionate team. We build impactful, design driven tools for humans that leverage the latest in computer vision technology so everyone can have faster access to information. We wish to be the pioneers in enhancing and augmenting human vision that unlock potential beyond what one can see.

The Product

Envision empowers visually impaired people to become more independent by speaking out the visual world around them. The Envision app and Envision Glasses use artificial intelligence to read all kinds of text from any surface, recognise faces, describe scenes, find objects, scan barcodes, detect colours and so much more. It is the best all-in-one tool in the pocket of a blind or low vision user for all of their visual recognition tasks.

Over the past year, Envision has organically grown to thousands of paying subscribers, all around the world. 🌎

Envision is the winner of Google Play Award 2019 for the Best Accessibility Experience and was nominated for AppleVis Hall of Fame 2019. πŸ†

Envision Glasses brings our award wining software to smartglasses, enabling an unprecedented experience of hands-free and unobtrusive experience of accessing the visual world. πŸ•Ά

The role

The core backend of the Envision App and Glasses has grown significantly in the past year. The backend consists of Firebase and is built on GCP. The backend hosts our ML models and also consists of micro-services that power the App and Glasses. There's a fair amount of automation that needs to be happen and new services need to built on top of it.

Also, Envision currently uses Webflow for all our web development needs. We do have a few really exciting projects that we'd like to build with Webflow and integrate with our existing backends.

What will you do:

As a Web Developer Intern at Envision you'll have the chance to work on a variety of internal and external Web apps. As an intern, you'll be working directly with the Envision AI App, Glasses to improve the Envision backend, automate important internal systems and learn how complex machine learning is deployed at scale.

In this role, you'll also be working with the Envision's Design team to build pixel-perfect, responsive, accessible landing pages and web sites using Webflow. If you're someone who truly wants to understand how good design and scalable web backends can change lives of thousands of visually impaired people the world over, then this is for you.

What we are looking for:

  • You're strong in the fundamentals of HTML, CSS & Javascript(Typescript fans welcome!)
  • You can work with REST APIs easily and can quickly prototype features. Bonus points if you've designed REST APIs for a project before.
  • Firebase is a tool you're familiar with but you can get comfortable with new platforms quickly.
  • Familiarity with no-code tools like Figma and Webflow.

What we offer

  • Be part of a diverse, award-winning team: We are a team of 11 (and growing!) diverse dreamers, doers and thinkers based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Part of our team works remote, and we come together every Friday to catch-up over a drink or a game.
  • Have a global impact at scale: We are a young company, but we have a global impact. We have users in 200+ countries and we aim to be as inclusive as possible.‍
  • Sell a product people love that solves real problems: Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation are our users who love our product which truly enables them to be independent in their everyday lives. We are pioneering real-life applications of technologies like AI for good.
  • Gain new skills fast: Because we are a close-knit team of domain masters we are always learning from each other in order to work more synchronously. Your mind, abilities, and product sense will expand every day.‍
  • We take care of you: Competitive compensation package, while covering the cost for travel and relocation if needed.

Our Process

  • 45-minute Screening call
  • Round 1: Take home assignment
  • Round 2: Discuss take home assignment, code reading and pair programming.
  • Call to discuss the offer
  • Joining the team πŸŽ‰


How to Apply

Sound like a good fit for you? Please email us at careers@letsenvision.com and include:

  • Include this role's title in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails).
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done, e.g. your portfolio, LinkedIn, Github, writing samples.
  • Keep it short and sweet πŸ™‚


How to Apply

Sounds like a good fit for you?

We have a short form to fill out for you. The form will request some basic information about you and will consist of a short simple test.

Please fill out this form to apply : https://forms.gle/ev3pco7fJGkoxvc29