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Let your camera
speak to you.

Envision is a smartphone app that empowers blind and low vision users to be independent by speaking out the visual world around them.

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Read all kinds of text

Envision provides the fastest and most accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Quickly read any piece of text from any surface, including: food packaging, posters and display screens. It even works on handwritten text and recognises scripts of more than 60 languages!

User reading a cover of a book with Envision

Know what's around you

In its mission for a one-stop app for all visual recognition needs, Envision provides a range of functions – it can describe scenes around you, detect colors in the most descriptive way and also scan barcodes and QR codes of products. It truly is a swiss-knife with new features being added all the time.

Bob looking on his phone

Find what you're looking for

You can use Envision as a scanner to look for people and things around you. If you need to find the cup you left on the kitchen counter, or a trash bin in a room, simply scan around with your phone and Envision will find what you are looking for. This also works when you're looking for people in general, or want to find a specific friend or colleague in a new place. You can teach Envision the faces of your friends and family and it will allow you to scan and find them.

Bob looking on his phone
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Steve Clarke
I just used Envision AI for Android, @LetsEnvision to read a greeting card my Wife @Imloti& I got in the mail today. It was from my Mom  wishing us a happy 16th anniversary & it was all hand written. It read perfectly. We used to dream of this tech.
Chris Parsons
My three-year-old has learned how to use @LetsEnvision to read the books he got for Christmas because they aren’t in Braille. We sit in my recliner, and I hold up the book so he can point the camera. We each have an earbud so we can both listen to the story. It’s pretty awesome.
Andre Louis
soundwave logo
Envision AI is fast and it just works. It's very easy to use, but that doesn't mean simplistic. I'm happy to say Envision does what it says on the tin and performs extremely well.
Harold D. Thomas II
I have been legally blind all of my life and I absolutely love this app. It absolutely does everything it says it does and more.
Bob Offereins
Video of Bob Offereins talking about his experiences with Envision
Christiaan Waters
The Netherlands
Video of Christiaan Waters talking about his experiences with Envision
@LetsEnvision This App is amazing. From scene descriptions to text recognition - (yea, even handwriting!) This type of applications are those that really allow us to increasingly remove little by little the barrier of our disability. Keep up the excellent work!
I use this app every single day. I am waiting for these guys to find a pair of smart glasses that will support their app on them! When are you guys going to put your app on a pair of smart glasses?
Banner reading Winner of Google Play Award 2019
50 Million
pieces of text read
5 Million
images described

Join the mission

90% of all information processed by human brain is visual information. Losing access to this significant amount of information can be limiting and isolating. Envision is on a mission to make all the visual information around us accessible to everyone. Following are the ways by which you can join this revolution:

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Listen to our users

"Envision AI is fast and it just works. It's very easy to use, but that doesn't mean simplistic. I'm happy to say Envision does what it says on the tin and performs extremely well."

Andre Louis, United Kingdom

"I used Envision today to help my sighted boss monitor a Windows server installation so he could do other things. How cool is that? I'm for once able to help a sighted person."

Charles adkins, United states
Video of Bob explaining how he uses Envision to empower himselfVideo of Christiaan Waters talking about his experiences with Envision

What sets us apart?

Better Performance

Our algorithms are highly optimised to run on smartphones, hence, provide high accuracy and low latency.

User Friendly Design

Each aspect of the app, through constant user engagement, is carefully designed to be accessible and easy to use.

Globally Local

The app is capable of reading text in over 60 languages. The app is localised in more than 20 languages and counting.

Constantly Improving

Through frequent updates the app sees constant improvement as well as addition of new features based on user feedback.

Let your camera speak to you.

Envision translates the visual world into spoken words, helping you every day to lead a more independent life.
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🏆 Winner of Google Play Award 2019