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Envision Glasses

Articulating everyday visual information into speech. And, with this information, comes the feeling of independence and the perception of possibilities.

A headshot from the side of a person with the Envision Glasses, they are tapping on the touchpad.

Envision at Sight Village Central UK

Envision seminars at Sight Village Central UK
All seminars will be for 20 minutes.
Monday 16th July 10:10am
Monday 16th July 13:40pm
Tuesday 17th July 9:40am
Tuesday 17th July 12:40am

Envision team at Sight Village Central:
Priyanka Srivastava, Sales Executive
Fahad Ahmad, Digital Marketing Manager

Envision Glasses Editions

More choice for more independence

Read Edition

The ultimate reading device
  • Suitable for individuals purchasing privately for non-commercial use.

Home Edition

Independent access to information, on your terms
  • Suitable for individuals purchasing privately for non-commercial use.

Professional Edition

Lifetime access and innovation
  • Suitable for purchase made through enterprise, agency or organisation for non-commercial or commercial use.
Abstract icon with dots that conveys upgrading.

Upgrade anytime.

Easily upgrade, anytime to the next level of independence and accessibility. Upgrade from:
Read Edition to Home Edition for $699.
Home Edition to Professiona Edition for $1099.
Read Edition to Professional Edition for $1699.

Abstract icon with dots that conveys innovation.

Unlimited innovation.

If you enjoy what the Envision Glasses do for you now, you’re going to love what’s in store for you in the year ahead. From adding even more video calling options to introducing hands-free navigation, Envision Glasses get smarter the more you use them.

Abstract icon with dots that conveys subscribing to the future.

Subscribe to the future.

Easily upgrade, anytime to the next level of independence and accessibility. Get ahead and stay ahead by subscribing to new features and functionality updates on the Read and Home Editions of the Envision Glasses. Available from January 1st, 2024 and for $200 (USD) per year.

Abstract icon with dots that conveys updates.

Maintenance updates included, for everyone.

Whichever Edition of the Envision Glasses or subscription option you choose, you will always enjoy the same great Envision Glasses experience with regular maintenance updates. These include incremental and essential updates such as bug fixes, performance enhancements, security and stability improvements.

For more information with regards to Editions of the Envision Glasses, book a demo.

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Envision Glasses Video
What are Envision Glasses?

Enjoy independence and perceive possibility

Lightweight glasses, with a camera and direct speaker, Envision Glasses speak out text and environmental information, recognizes faces, light, and colors, and lets you share that information.

Unobtrusive, intuitive design, Envision Glasses excel in all kinds of text recognition, even handwriting, in over 60 languages.
A person in front of a screen wearing the Envision Glasses and giving a presentation

Any text, anywhere

A person with the Envision Glasses reading a cookbook
Read any short text that’s in front of you with Instant Text and turn any kind of long-form text into speech with Scan Text. Be it hand-written notes, newspapers, magazines or your own post.

With Batch Scan, Smart Guidance and Layout Detection features to help you, dive into that book and listen back at your leisure.
Ask Envision

Better accessibility for greater independence

Introducing "Ask Envision", a revolutionary feature that enables people who are blind or low-vision to scan documents and ask questions using GPT-4 by OpenAI.With Ask Envision, people who are blind or have low vision can access any text-based content with ease.Enhance your accessibility and independence by requesting a demo of Envision glasses today.
A man wearing Envision Glasses and holding a magazine
Envision Ally

Help is just a call away

A photo of a person looking in the mirror
The Envision Glasses open up a world of independence, but sometimes everyone needs to call a friend. With the Ally video call feature make handsfree video calls, when you want to, to your trusted friends and family.
Identify and Find

Explore your world

Discover what’s around you with Describe Scene and Explore. From identifying light sources, cash notes and even colors, find objects and the people you know, even in a crowd.
A person sitting with vinyl and reading the cover with Envision Glasses

To see all our features in action, book a free demo with the Envision Team

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The Envision Glasses

Built on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

The Envision Glasses side and top view

Wifi & Bluetooth

Keeps you connected at all times


5-6 hours with regular usage. USB-C supported fast charging.


Weighs less than 50 grams in total


An 8 MP camera with a wide field of view that captures everything.


Directional Mono Speaker, USB audio and Bluetooth audio.

Other features

It's a complete toolbox

Instant Text

Immediately speaks out text as it appears in front of you.

Scan Text

Reads long pieces of text out loud in multiple languages.

Smart Guidance

Automatically and accurately captures text in one go.

Language Detection

Identifies and reads text out in the correct language. 


Reads handwritten, personal notes and cards.

Layout Detection

Detects and speaks out headings and columns.


Scroll and listen back to text at your own pace.

Export Text

Saves scanned text to your Envision library.

Batch Scan

Captures multiple pages of text in one go.

Voice Commands

Control your Envision Glasses with your voice. 


Groups together Envision Glasses features.

Call an Ally

Make handsfree, video calls to trusted friends and family. 

Describe Scene

Get a description of the scene in front of you.

Detect Light

Detect the intensity and direction of light sources. 

Recognize Cash

Identify banknotes in multiple currencies.

Detect Colors

Detect the color of the object in front of you

Find Objects

Identify popular objects and hear where they are.

Find People

Here when there are people you know around you.

Teach a Face

Recognize the faces of people you know. 


Discover what's around you, in real-time.


Integrate Envision with your favorite applications

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Don't just take our word for it

Vicky Cardona

Tonight I ordered Chinese for dinner. As usual they put a bunch of sauce packets in the bag, all of which feel the same. I was able to use my Envision glasses to identify what they were - which ones were soy sauce and which ones were Duck Sauce. Thanks Envision.

Jakob Rosin

Took my @LetsEnvision glasses on a trip to the mall today for the first time. Two impressions:
1. Man the visual senses are overloaded with so much advertising
2. I loved every ad, because I had no idea that there were so many until today.

Michael Moore

Hi Envision. Have to say you guys have hit it out of the park with the new voice-activated upgrade. Absolutely fantastic and it works great. Thank you for continuing to improve the glasses.

Try and Buy

Where can I try and buy the Envision Glasses in the U.K?

Logo of Sight and Sound Technology
Sight and Sound Technology are Envision's official glasses distributor in the U.K.

If you would like an in-person demonstration of the Envision Glasses rather than an online demo with a member of the Envision team you can get in touch with Sight & Sound Technology. They are also able to assist you in purchasing the Envision Glasses.
See it in action

Book a free demo