5 Reasons why the Envision App is your best friend at School.

Apps can be used for various reasons let's look at the how Envision can help you get those A’s at school

March 2, 2023

Apps have made life easier for many  living with blindness or a visual impairment. Before technology and AI bloomed the autonomy of a visually impaired person was limited. However, the combination of technology and AI, it grants new ways of being able to do things without assistance from other people. Now, of course, apps can be used for various reasons let's look at the how Envision can help you get those A’s at school: 

1. There goes one reason to miss school! You need to travel to school or university for lectures, project work, study group sessions or have chill sessions with friends. When traveling to school or to other places, Envision is a great tool because it can read signs along your way. This fills the gap where GPS apps don't give all required information. For example, at a train station, you can read all the signs quickly to find your way. 

2. Roaster, Where Art Thou? After arriving at school or university, you can use Envision’s Instant Text to find out which classrooms you're passing by. This will help you find your class or move fast past a class you have to miss.

3. I follow, You follow, We all follow. When following lectures, the Envision document reader can help you to read printed material. You can also take a picture of the blackboard to have the information spoken out. If you forget to grab your headphones and think that you would disturb your friends, you can always save the information in the Envision Library to read it later.

4. Save trees. Not all books are available in an accessible format which is why you can use Envision to convert a pdf file into readable text. You can save these text files to read them on your laptop, phone, or even better, the Envision Library. This way you don’t need multiple tools but just this one.

5. Envision It. As a student you probably have to work together with others. These fellow students often share information in inaccessible pictures in a chat group. Of course, asking them to share in an accessible way is the thing to do! But, in the end you also want instant access to the information. When you share an image with Envision It, the content of the image will be spoken out. You can convert screenshots from whatsapp, messenger or telegram chats into something readable as often as you like.

Tada! These are 5 ways you can use Envision App to get those A’s and be ready to tackle the school year.