Accessible Wordle: How-To

Here we will explain how to make the viral game “Wordle” by The New York Times accessible, so that you can be obsessed with it, just like everyone else on Twitter

March 2, 2023

This is a text version of the instructions. For two video tutorials, please scroll to the bottom of this page!

Wordle is a game of word-guessing that has been going viral on all the social media platforms for the past couple of months. It re-news the word every day, so the participants never get bored of playing and sharing their progress with friends and family. Don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry! Wordle can be made accessible in a few easy steps:

If you are using an Android or a PC (information for iPhone users is below):

  1. Install the Accessible Wordle Chrome extension through this link. Press on the word link to go directly to the page on which you can download the Chrome extension.
  2. Open Wordle in Chrome, either on your phone or computer.
  3. Turn on the extension in Chrome and use Wordle accessibly!

If you are using an iPhone:

1. Open Wordle in Chrome on your iPhone.

2. Click on the ‘share’ button at the right top corner of the screen and click ‘create bookmark’.

3. After this has been done, come back to the Wordle page and click on the same ‘share’ button once again.

4. Click ‘change bookmark’.

5.Click on the URL-address line.

6. Copy all of the code above and paste it into the ‘URL-address’ line.

7. Click ‘done’ in the top right corner.

8. Open Wordle and then open this bookmark any time you want to play it!

Now you’re all set for using Wordle on any device with the VoiceOver. It will now speak out letters when they are absent in the word you are trying to guess, if they are misplaced or if they are correct. Don’t forget to tweet about your Wordle progress, tag Envision and enjoy!

Here you can find two video tutorials for making Wordle Accessible: 

Video Tutorial for a Mac, PC and Android

Video Tutorial for an iPhone