Envision’s Alt Text Assistant GPT Is Now Available For Free on OpenAI's GPT Store

Make every image accessible in just one click - one small step with a giant impact for society.

January 24, 2024
A digital mockup featuring Envision's Alt Text Assistant interface with an image of a coastal city view, against a purple background with dot patterns.

With OpenAI launching its GPT Store, be sure to download the Envision Alt Text Assistant GPT and make every image accessible to people who are blind or low-vision with just one click. Our latest and free, Envision innovation has been designed to make it easy to create succinct, descriptive alt text for any image.

Why Alt Text Matters

Alt text (alternative text) is a crucial component in making digital images accessible to individuals who use screen readers due to blindness or low vision. It provides a textual description of images on websites and in digital documents, allowing screen readers to convey what sighted users see visually. However, creating accurate and concise alt text can be challenging. This is where Envision’s Alt Text Assistant GPT comes in.

How Alt Text Assistant GPT Works

Our Alt Text Assistant GPT harnesses the power of advanced AI to analyze images and generate appropriate alt text. This tool simplifies the process of creating alt text, ensuring that it is not only accurate but also succinct and informative. Whether you’re a web developer, content creator, writer or just someone looking to make your social media posts more accessible, our tool can help you make your visual content inclusive for all.

Empowering Inclusivity

At Envision, we believe in a world where accessibility is not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of all digital content. The Alt Text Assistant GPT is a testament to this belief. By providing an easy and effective way to generate alt text, we're taking a step towards a more inclusive digital world, where the blind and low-vision community can experience the web fully.


We are thrilled to offer the Alt Text Assistant GPT in the upcoming OpenAI GPT Store. This tool represents our commitment to fostering inclusivity and making everyday tasks more accessible. 

Explore the capabilities of Envision’s Alt Text Assistant GPT and contribute to a more inclusive digital landscape. Visit the OpenAI GPT Store to use our tool, and follow us for more updates on how Envision is transforming the future of accessibility.