Apple Vision Pro Launch: A New Era for Smart Glasses Innovation and Accessibility

The future of the Envision app on the Apple Vision Pro.

January 9, 2024
A smiling woman wearing Apple Vision Pro's augmented reality glasses, with a blurred individual in the foreground, against a backdrop with a pattern of black dots referencing Envision's branding.

The Apple Vision Pro, which is launching on February 2 in the United States,  represents a significant leap in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology. Combining Apple's powerful M2 processor with pioneering AR/VR capabilities, the Vision Pro offers an immersive, transformative experience. This new spatial computer is poised to change the way we interact with technology, seamlessly integrating digital and physical worlds.

Accessibility at the Forefront

The Vision Pro's commitment to accessibility is evident in its support for technologies like VoiceOver, Switch Control, Dwell Control, and more. These enable diverse interactions, catering to individual needs. VisionOS enhances app accessibility by default, emphasizing inclusive design in this new 3D space.

A New Dimension in App Interaction

With Vision Pro, users enter an infinite 3D space, interacting with apps and games while staying connected to their surroundings. This limitless canvas offers various levels of immersion, from shared spaces where multiple apps run side-by-side to full-space experiences for deeper engagement.

Unique Features of Vision Pro

  • Passthrough: This feature allows live video from external cameras, blending virtual content with the real environment.
  • Spatial Audio: Combining acoustic and visual-sensing technologies, this feature models the sonic characteristics of the surroundings, enhancing the audio experience.
  • Interactive Ergonomics: Vision Pro accommodates different user actions and postures, ensuring visual comfort and ergonomic interaction.

The Perfect Place for Envision

Envision, renowned for its award-winning AI-powered accessibility app and smart glasses, is excited about the prospect of being available on the Apple Store of Apple Vision Pro and, to enhance the device’s accessibility capabilities for people who are blind or who have low vision. By combining Vision Pro’s unique features, with Envision’s powerful software capabilities, the possibilities are game-changing, taking virtual visual assistance to new levels. 

“This possibility is a testament to our ongoing commitment to making all technology more accessible for all. We continue our innovative journey in accessibility and are excited about this new era in computing,” says Karthik Mahadevan, CEO and co-founder at Envision.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and in the meantime, download the free Envision app for a taste of what's possible in the realm of accessible technology.