Celebrating One Year of Ask Envision: Pioneering Accessibility Through AI

Ask Envision is just the start of a journey to unique AI companionship.

March 20, 2024
karthik kannan cto at envision, demonstrating ask envision in inclusive innovations event in utrecht. he is holding a dutch magazine

It’s been an exhilarating year since we launched Ask Envision, coming on the heels of the groundbreaking GPT-4 announcement. This milestone not only commemorates a year of transformative growth but also reflects on the monumental strides we've made in harnessing AI to empower the blind and low vision community.

Revolutionizing Accessibility with Ask Envision

The integration of GPT-4 into the fabric of Envision marked a pivotal turning point. This advancement has allowed us to push the boundaries further, enhancing the intuitiveness and effectiveness of our tools. 

Through Ask Envision, Envision Glasses & App users can ask questions about the text or documents they've just scanned, such as a menu card, an electricity bill, or cooking instructions, and receive targeted and detailed answers. 

As for scene descriptions on the Envision Glasses, Ask Envision can also be activate and provide accurate answers about any query on the user’s immediate surrounding.

The virtual assistant, which understands 60 languages, is designed to make accessing information and understanding the world around them easier for users, enhancing their independence and creating enjoyable experiences without relying on others.

The Future Direction of Ask Envision

The evolution of Ask Envision is not merely a technological triumph but a beacon of AI’s potential to create a more inclusive world.  Looking to the future, Ask Envision laid the groundwork for us to take AI assistants and companions to the next level. Our commitment is to move towards a more conversational, personal, and ubiquitous approach that reduces friction and simplifies interactions. This evolution signifies a future where our solutions become even more integrated into the fabric of daily life, offering seamless support with fewer steps and greater efficiency.

Here’s to more years of innovation, collaboration, and breaking new ground in making the world a more accessible place for everyone in the blind and low vision community.

Experience the magic of Ask Envision by downloading the app or booking a free demo of the Envision Glasses.

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