Assistive Tech at CES 2024: Spotlight on Mobility Aid, Glide

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January 17, 2024
A ces vistor trying the mobility aid. the back ground is green with dots referencing envision's s branding

As the world of assistive technology continues to evolve, CES 2024 has unveiled some groundbreaking innovations that are set to redefine mobility and independence for people who are blind or have low vision. Anat Nulman from Envision's sales team shared with us her experience at CES 2024 and her review on Glide, a revolutionary mobility device from Glidance Inc.

Anat Nulman from Envision posing in front of the CES venue in Las Vegas. The photo is a landscape selfie.

Glide: A Leap Forward in Mobility Aids

Glide isn't the typical mobility aid. It's a self-guided device that offers a new dimension of freedom and safety for people who are blind or have low vision. What makes Glide stand out is its unique design and capabilities:

  • Ergonomic Design: Glide features an ergonomic handle with haptic feedback and a robust, rounded rectangle base on wheels, all connected by a sturdy pole.
  • Advanced Navigation: It combines haptic guidance, active scene description, and forced stop mechanisms to help users navigate complex environments while avoiding both static and moving obstacles.
  • App Integration: Future integration with indoor and outdoor navigation apps is on the horizon, promising even greater access.

During the demonstration at CES 2024, Anat was impressed by Glide's intuitive navigation. The device adeptly guided users away from potential hazards, ensuring a smooth experience around the bustling exhibit.

Why Glide Matters

Glide is particularly promising for seniors and those who need more than what a traditional white cane can offer. It provides a blend of support and independence, thanks to its advanced robotics, sensors, and software. While there's no confirmed release date yet, interested individuals can sign up for pre-orders on Glidance's website.

The Envision Glasses: Complementing Innovations Like Glide

While we marvel at innovations like Glide, we also recognize the importance of comprehensive solutions. Our Envision Glasses, designed for the blind and low vision community, complement devices like Glide by offering an extra layer of environmental understanding and interaction.

The Envision Glasses, equipped with AI-powered recognition technology, allow users to read texts, recognize faces, and much more. They represent our commitment to enabling our community achieve greater (hands-free) independence.

Looking Ahead

CES 2024 was a testament to the strides being made in assistive technology. As we at Envision continue to develop and refine our solutions, we remain excited about the future - a future where technology like Glide and the Envision Glasses continue to push the boundaries of accessibility with innovation.

Explore how Envision is contributing to this ever-evolving landscape. Checkout our latest on Business Insider in the video below and discover the Envision Glasses.