2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Assistive Tech Gifts for the Blind and Low Vision Community

‘Tis the season to make a difference!

December 4, 2023
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With the holiday season now in full swing, we rounded up a selection of assistive technology gifts for people who are blind and have low vision. These smart devices are not just gadgets; they are investments in greater independence in perceiving and navigating the world around us. Whether you are gifting yourself or your loved one, you are stepping towards a more accessible and empowered future.

Here's our 2023 guide to the top assistive technology gifts, each promising to add convenience, accessibility, and control to your lives this holiday season.

1. Biped - Your walking copilot

This wearable device is a harness, worn on your shoulders, that warns you with sound about obstacles in your indoor or outdoor environment. It works like a self-driving car for pedestrians. Shop here.

Biped Harness

2. Hable - The Tactile Smartphone Experience

This external keyboard makes using your smartphone easier: the pocket-sized keyboard helps you navigate and type on your smartphone or tablet with simplicity. Shop here.

A Hable keyboard that is pocket sized

3. Envision Glasses - Hands-free independence

The Envision Glasses give you access to greater independence and bring the visual world closer to you. Powered with cutting-edge AI, they capture and interpret with audio various visual data such as text, faces, objects, and scenes. Grab them now with a special 15% holiday discount, and choose from stylish and tinted frames to match your loved one's personal style. Considered as a medical device, it is possible to get the costs reimbursed by your insurance or other organization. Shop here.

A Picture of an ederly man reading a magazine with his Envision Glasses

4. Blindshell Classic Phone - Accessible smartphone

The BlindShell Classic is the most accessible cell phone for people who are blind or have low vision. With the same functions & apps as a smartphone, the phone boasts a physical keyboard and ranks high on accessibility and ease of use. Don’t miss their holiday promotions, shop here.

closeup of a blindshell phone

5. WeWalk Smart Cane - The Future of Mobility

The WeWalk Smart Cane is a tech-infused cane that not only supports walking but also connects to smartphones for GPS navigation and obstacle detection. Shop here.

A picture of a woman using a smart cane

6. Shokz’ bone induction headphones - Open-ear listening experience

Traditional headphones in public spaces can be quite risky because they cover your ears, limiting important information from your surroundings, such as incoming vehicles. Bone induction headphones like Shokz’ use vibrations sent through the cheekbones, sending sound directly to the inner ear and bypassing the eardrum. Using bone induction headphones allows you to stay aware of your surroundings.

Shop here.

Shokz bone induction headphones.