Embracing Independence: Benjamin Hofer's Journey with Envision Glasses

June 14, 2024
benjamin hofer's at a workspace using the envision glasses

At Envision, our mission is to empower people who are blind or have low vision by providing them with innovative tools to enhance their daily lives. In our latest case study, we follow Benjamin Hofer, an engineer from Germany and a dedicated beta tester of Envision Glasses. Through his journey, we see firsthand how Envision Glasses transform his everyday activities, enabling him to achieve greater independence and productivity.

A New Routine: From Home Office to Co-Working Space

Benjamin, or Ben, as his friends call him, decided to switch up his routine by working from a co-working space instead of his usual home office. "Hi Ben, how's your day been?" asked a colleague. "It was good! I went to a co-working space instead of working at home. I figured it would be nice to try something new," Ben responded

Starting his day, Ben relies on the AI assistant Ask Envision on his Envision Glasses to catch a train at the busy train station. With the help of the glasses, he effortlessly finds his way. "When is my next train?" he asks. The glasses respond promptly, "Good morning Ben. You have 4 minutes to your next train on platform 4. If you miss this one, the next train is in 15 minutes."

A Productive Work Environment

Arriving at the co-working space, Ben is greeted by the inviting and vibrant atmosphere. "What a hip office space! Grab the free seat on the right side of the table for some coding magic. Two digital nomads are on the left, with an olive tree in the center and a faux rug for a natural vibe. There’s plenty of natural and overhead light creating an inviting work environment," the glasses inform him.

The day starts with a much-needed cup of coffee. "You know how it goes, the day doesn’t start without a fresh cup of coffee. It’s cappuccino time. Press the button second from the top on the right, Ben. Let’s cap it at three cappuccinos today," the glasses guide him. With this simple yet essential task taken care of, Ben is ready to tackle his work.

Efficient Work and Seamless Interaction

In the meeting room, Ben manages his calls with ease. "Where is the power plug?" he inquires. "The power plug is right in front of you. No need for cable hunting," the glasses direct him. This efficiency allows Ben to focus on his work without unnecessary interruptions.

Lunchtime offers a chance to refuel and socialize. "Which sandwich is vegetarian?" Ben asks. "You have some good cheese and hummus options. Knowing you, you’ll opt for the latter," the glasses suggest. Lunchtime also provides Ben the opportunity to meet new people, including another developer who sought his advice. "Can you describe the diagram for me, please?" the developer asks. "Let’s talk decision boundaries in data classification using support vector machines (SVMs). The first scenario has a straight line separating two clusters, while the second uses a circular boundary to enclose one. This graph explains how SVMs optimize boundaries to boost classification accuracy," the AI Assistant on the glasses explains.

Reflecting on a Successful Day

At the end of the day, Ben reflects on his productive and fulfilling experience. "How was your day?" the glasses ask. Ben's story highlights how Envision empowers people who are blind or have low vision to access everyday visual information independently, enhancing their ability to engage fully in professional and social settings.

Discover the Impact of Envision Glasses

Benjamin Hofer's journey showcases the profound impact that Envision Glasses can have on an individual's life, providing them with conversational and personal AI assistance to achieve greater independence and productivity. Whether it's going around public transportation, managing work tasks, or socialising with friends, Envision Glasses offer intuitive support and functionality.

Ready to see how Envision Glasses can transform your life? Explore Ben’s full story and book a demo today to experience this groundbreaking technology for yourself.