Creating a more accessible Envision

July 14, 2023

“Design is an enormous privilege, but it’s also a bigger responsibility.” These words by Sinead Burke echo constantly in my mind as one of the driving factors behind building Envision. When we first came up with the idea of Envision, we were excited about how we can make this world more accessible for blind and visually impaired people. We built a software tool that can speak out about the visual world around them, enabling them to not just perceive their surroundings but also to perceive possibilities that were considered beyond reach.

Today, with the Envision App and Envision Glasses, thousands of users around the world live more independent and productive lives. They are facing difficult exams, securing dream jobs, making new friends, and connecting more with the world around them. The stream of happy user stories that pour in, every day from all over the world, fuels us to constantly do what we can to make our products more accessible to the people who need them the most. 

Accessibility is at the heart of everything we do. From creating life-changing assistive technologies to making them as available as possible. While our products’ innovation may steal the spotlight, their affordability has been challenging for some, which is why we have been working hard to reduce costs wherever we can. The key has been to create a viable business model that enables us to sustainably and consistently design and develop better services for our users while making sure the price is affordable to as large a group as possible. Hence, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that with immediate effect we are making significant pricing updates to both the Envision App and Envision Glasses.

The Envision App are free of cost, for all who need it.

Yes, you read that right. Until now, it has been essential for us to have a fixed minimal subscription cost for the Envision App. This has been due to the ongoing costs of servers, development, and maintenance. Now, with recent engineering breakthroughs, newer product features, and the evolution of business models, we are able to sustain a significantly larger number of users at a much smaller, incremental cost — savings which we are passing on to you, our community. 

So here is how the app is going to work: the Envision App is now free for all iOS and Android users. Everyone will still receive the same great features, product updates, and experiences that you have come to love from Envision. If you are someone who has the means and would like to support the app, you can choose to pay us whatever amount you deem fair. We will continue to develop and improve the app with the same enthusiasm regardless, but every penny you pay us will solely go towards supporting its evolution.

Stay tuned to our social and community channels for more updates and details. I do want to take a moment here to thank our existing subscribers and early supporters. It is because of your support, that this change is even possible. We will share more information on how we will honor your support for us soon.

Read more about the app pricing change here →

The Envision Glasses are now available at a more accessible price

Since the launch of the Envision Glasses in 2020, we have received an incredible response from the visually impaired and blind community, with several hundred pairs being purchased from around the world, despite the limiting effects of a pandemic. However, with an expensive electronic component at the heart of our product, combined with a complicated supply chain to support its distribution, the cost of these glasses was always going to trend upwards. To address this we have spent the past two years optimizing the Envision Glasses product development process, reducing distribution complexity, and developing a highly digitized and customer-centric approach. Now, we operate smarter and more efficiently than ever, without any compromise on the quality of service or experience.

The savings we have made, now allow us to offer the Envision Glasses at a reduced price of $2499 (USD). This is about 30% less than our previous price (and significantly lower than any comparable product on the market). To add, we are offering a very generous 30-day return policy and even greater, more personalized customer support including; free 1-on-1 demonstrations which can be booked directly from our website, new and flexible payment methods and plans, and a tailor-made onboarding to get you started.

This reduced price might only be available for a limited time, so we would encourage you to make the most of it, while it lasts.

Read more about the pricing changes for Envision Glasses here →

Over the next few weeks, we will begin rolling out and sharing more details about these significant changes from Envision. We are also introducing a refreshed brand identity that better relates to our mission, customers, and ambitions. We are still the same Envision you have come to know and trust but with a better-defined purpose. So join us and let’s create a more accessible world, together.

We are also hosting a Webinar on 28th July at 6 PM CET, where you can hear directly with the Envision team about these new changes and what they mean for you.

You can register for it here.→

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