Envision Adds Accessible QR Code Reader to App

Creating a new standard of product information accessibility in-store or at home.

December 27, 2023
"Scan Accessible QR Codes - Now with the Envision App". A mobile phone with a demonstration of the new "scan accesible QR" feature on the envision app.

Finding products and accessing all of the relevant information about them can be challenging - especially in crowded supermarkets or at home if you are blind or have low vision. Thankfully, we are not alone in tackling this challenge and together with the team at Zappar, have deployed the first truly Accessible QR (AQR) code reader onto the main menu of the Envision App, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Bringing Accessible QR Codes to Your Fingertips

Already featured on select Unilever homecare products, including Persil in the UK, AQRs are far more accessible than standard QR codes for identifying product categories and presentingn detailed product-related information. When used on the Envision App, AQRs enable people who are blind or have low vision to more easily locate products and access comprehensive details about them, such as instructions, ingredients, safety warnings, recycling information, and promotions. The information is presented in a structured format seamlessly interacting with the already-configured accessibility features on their smartphone, offering larger text and audio output options.

Watch a demo using this link

The technology behind Zappar’s Accessible QR solution, known as Zapvision, is at the heart of this innovation. It incorporates a unique D3 ‘dot-dot-dash’ pattern (patent pending) around a traditional QR code. Caspar Thykier, CEO at Zappar, shares our enthusiasm for this collaboration, explaining,

“We are thrilled to partner with the Envision App to broaden the reach of our Accessible QR codes (AQR). This collaboration aligns with our mission to enhance accessibility to product information on packaging for people who are blind or who have low vision, utilizing the apps they are already comfortable with in their daily lives. This is just the beginning of our journey, but it’s a significant step towards making product information on packaging accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

How to Access Accessible QR Codes

To access the AQR reader on the Envision App, users can simply navigate to the ‘Scan Accessible QR’ button on the main menu. With ease, they can scan AQR codes on the front of products, receiving an audio narration of all available packaging information presented in a structured and accurate manner.

A Shared Vision for Inclusivity

Naturally, we are excited to introduce the Accessible QR scanner to our app, providing our users with more choices on how to access product information on their terms.  Our hope now is that other consumer goods companies join Unilever and adopt AQRs as the new accessibility standard.

Try the Envision App for yourself by downloading it from the App Store or PlayStore using this link

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