Envision App 3.3 Launches 'Ask Envision' for Scanned Text & A Richer 'Describe Scene'

Every update is a step towards greater accessibility and empowerment.

February 8, 2024
A composite image showing 4 screenshots from the Envision app update, which illustrate enhanced scene description and text scanning features. The first screenshot depicts an outdoor urban setting with a description overlay indicating a canal, bridge, and buildings in Amsterdam. The second screenshot shows a close-up of a text document being scanned by the app, with the interface offering options to save or describe the scene. The third screenshot displays the 'Ask Envision' feature, where a user has typed a query about substituting an ingredient in a recipe. Each screenshot includes the app’s bottom menu with icons for various functionalities such as scanning barcodes, describing scenes, and exploring.

We are thrilled to introduce the Envision App V.3.3, a groundbreaking update that marks a milestone in our innovation journey to better accessibility. The new version, available on iOs and Android for free, introduces  the revolutionary AI assistant "Ask Envision" feature for all scanned and imported text and documents, together with a  significant enhancement to the ‘Describe Scene’ feature.

Introducing "Ask Envision" for Documents

With Version 3.3.0, we proudly unveil "Ask Envision" for documents. This feature represents a generational leap in document interaction, allowing users to inquire about summaries, translations, and specific details of their scanned documents or images. Whether you use voice or text input, Ask Envision, our ChatGPT-like visual assistant, is designed to provide insightful, accurate responses to your queries, transforming the way you interact with text.

How to Use Ask Envision within Scan Text

Using Ask Envision is straightforward. Simply scan a document or import an image, and then activate Ask Envision. You can type in your question or use voice commands to ask about the content. The app will process your request and provide a detailed response. Moreover, we've introduced a processing sound for Ask Envision requests, making the experience more interactive and user-friendly.

The image shows the Envision app interface with a street scene in the background. A parking sign is prominent in the upper part of the image, indicating restrictions with the symbol of a car and times listed in blue. Below, the text specifies exceptions for "Barbizon hotel & garage bezoekers" and "taxi's" with corresponding times. Traditional Dutch buildings, a clear sky, and bare trees form the backdrop. The app's control icons for language selection, scanning options, and navigation are visible at the top and bottom.
The image is a screenshot of the 'Ask Envision' feature within the Envision app. The user has inquired, "What does this say in english?" The app's response explains that the document seems to be a sign or notice in Dutch and provides an English translation. It lists parking restrictions with exceptions for "Barbizon hotel & garage visitors" and "taxis," noting the applicable hours. The app's interface includes a voice button for audio interaction and a text box for typing questions.

In this update, we put a special emphasis on our app's ability to scan any type of document. We have improved the document scanning process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience. Whether it's a letter, a book page, or an official document, the Envision App 3.3.0 makes it easier than ever to access the information you need.

To further enhance the accessibility and convenience of this feature, we’re also introducing a new “Voice Mode.” With Voice Mode, you can interact with the AI by simply using your voice, eliminating the need for typing. Speak your questions to the app, and it will provide you with the information you seek.

Describe Scene: Richer and More Detailed Descriptions

We're also excited to announce that the 'Describe Scene' feature has been enhanced. This feature now provides even richer descriptions of the pictures you take with your phone, bringing your environment to life with vivid details.

A screenshot of the Envision app's 'Describe Scene' feature, which has analyzed an image and provided a text description. The description reads, "The image features a picturesque view of a canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with a bridge and buildings in the background." The app's interface includes options to save the image with the description or describe another scene. Visible in the app's footer are additional functions like 'Scan Barcode', 'Explore', and 'Settings'. The actual scene, partially visible, shows a canal, a bridge, and the architecture of Amsterdam.

Continuing Our Journey

Since the Envision App became free with the 3.0 update, we have been on a transformative journey. Our focus has always been on improving features and accessibility, ensuring that our app remains an essential tool for our community. Ask Envision and richer scene descriptions are crowd-favorites on the Envision Glasses and we are proud to continue to bring these features on the app, further enhancing the lives of people who are blind or have low vision with innovative technology.

Download the latest version of the Envision App to experience these exciting new features. We look forward to your feedback, which is crucial in our ongoing mission to improve and innovate.

For any questions or assistance, please reach out to us at support@envision.com. We can’t wait for you to try these new features, so please do share your experiences by tagging us on social media: @LetsEnvision