Envision Glasses 2.5 Introduces A Generational Leap in Describe Scene Feature

February 1, 2024
Promotional graphic for Envision Glasses 2.5 featuring an isometric illustration of a teal and white themed living room. The main image shows a detailed room with a sofa, chairs, coffee table, shelving, and decor. Two highlighted areas show a zoomed-in view of a sofa with a magnifying effect on a cushion and a ring, indicating the 'Describe Scene' feature.

Envision is proud to unveil the Envision Glasses 2.5, marking a significant advancement in assistive technology for the blind and low-vision community. This latest version elevates the 'Describe Scene' feature, offering an unparalleled experience that offers an immediate understanding of your environment with the opportunity to ask more detailed or targeted questions about the scene around you.

Revolutionising Accuracy & Detail

The Envision Glasses 2.5 boasts two major enhancements: a dramatic reduction in hallucinations for more accurate descriptions and a significant improvement in the richness of these descriptions. Users can now understand the world around them with incredible depth and precision.  Word is this upgrade is a strong contender to human descriptions, once you take it for a spin be sure to also ask a friend to describe what is around you - and see who wins.

Graphic display for Envision Glasses V2.5 with three segmented isometric views of a living room, each with the three levels of scene descriptions achieved with the new Describe Scene feature upgrade. The first segment shows the immediate description of a living room once Describe Scene is activated, the description reads: "it looks like a Scandinavian style living room with a teal sofa, a matching armchair, and console, a white round coffee table, wall art, and additional decorative elements. The second segment asks for detailed information, "Can you describe the sofa for me?", with a reply noting a teal 3-seater leather sofa with two white cushions on either side. The final segment contains a targeted question, "Is there a key on the couch?", with the affirmative response pointing out a black key on the couch highlighted by a yellow circle. The bottom right corner features the Envision logo.

How It Works

The updated 'Describe Scene' feature functions smoothly and intuitively. After updating the glasses to version 2.5 in settings, users can easily navigate to the 'Describe Scene' option, now fully operational without the beta tag. Activating this feature, the Envision Glasses capture an image and deliver a concise, alt-text style description.

For more insights, users can engage in interactive follow-up questions by pressing and holding the hinge button to activate Ask Envision. Our ChatGPT-like assistant will answer any type of question, whether it is around detailed descriptions (such as “What items are on the table?”) or specific elements in the scene - (for example: “What type of plant is that?” - watch your plant vocab expand!). 

A conversational future awaits

This release is a testament to Envision's commitment to innovation and user-centric design. The introduction of multilingual voice commands on 2.4 reflects a move towards a more personalized user experience as people can navigate to Envision Glasses features by simply speaking them out in their preferred language. So whether it is Describe this scene or lis ce texte, the Envision Glasses will understand.

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These updates demonstrate Envision's unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of the blind and low-vision community, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in assistive technology.

Join us in embracing this revolutionary development in assistive technology, where technology truly meets perception. Book your free demo to experience the Envision Glasses 2.5. Feel free to reach at support@envision.com for any questions.

P.S.: Please note that the Envision Glasses 2.5 update is only available with a 2024 Envision Glasses Software Pass 2024.