Envision Glasses 2.6 Unveil 'Instant Results': Lightning Speed AI Assistance with Ask Envision & Scene Descriptions

Update your Envision Glasses today.

June 28, 2024
A man with short curly hair and a light beard is wearing Envision glasses, a device designed to assist visually impaired individuals. He is smiling and is positioned in front of a blurred, light brown background. The image is framed with a purple border featuring black dots, which are part of Envision's branding. There is also a yellow lightning bolt icon in the top left corner of the image.

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking update to Envision Glasses: Instant Results. Available in version 2.6, this feature is set to redefine your experience with scene descriptions and text scanning. This new update ensures that your Envision Glasses operate at lightning speed, enhancing both functionality and user satisfaction.

What is Instant Results?

Instant Results is a significant upgrade that enhances the speed of two key features on Envision Glasses:

Lightning-Fast Scene Descriptions: Quickly and accurately understand your surroundings with near-instantaneous feedback.

Faster AI Assistance: Get faster replies with Ask Envision inside the reader and when asking follow-up questions.

Why Instant Results?

We heard you! Many users shared concerns about slower performance in previous versions, especially regarding scene descriptions and text scanning. Our dedicated team of AI innovators took this feedback to heart and worked tirelessly to develop an effective solution. The result is Instant Results, a feature that dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of Envision Glasses.

How to Access Instant Results

Instant Results is available exclusively to our 2024 Pass users on Envision Glasses Home Edition and owners of Envision Glasses Professional Edition. If you already have the 2024 Pass, simply update your Envision Glasses to version 2.6 to start experiencing these incredible improvements today.

Update Your Glasses

Ensure your Envision Glasses are running on the latest version to benefit from Instant Results. Update your glasses today from the Settings menu. This update is only available to 2024 Pass, Unlimited Pass and Professional Edition users

Get the 2024 Pass:

Not sure if you need a 2024 Pass? Read this blogpost to check whether you need a pass and how to purchase itthrough your Envision App.

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