Envision Glasses pilot kicks off in The Hague

The first pairs of Envision Glasses were handed out to the pilot participants.

March 2, 2023

As you might have read in our earlier updates, we have been working with the municipality of The Hague to help increase employment opportunities for the blind and visually impaired citizens. The pilot started last year by providing a select number of candidates with training on the Envision app. It was soon discovered that in addition to increasing employment opportunities, the app was also helping in increasing workplace productivity and employee confidence.

As a next step in the pilot, the candidates are provided with the prototypes of the Envision Glasses, the new AI-powered smart glasses by Envision, empowering the blind and visually impaired to be more independent. They are given an initial onboarding session on how to operate it and will be closely monitored to measure the impact it has on their living and working lifestyle, both in a qualitative and quantitative way. Additionally, the participants will be helping us by providing crucial feedback on the usability and experience of the smart glasses.

A participant of the pilot programme using the document scanning feature of the Envision Glasses while holding tapping with his right finger on the Envision Glasses and holding a document with his left hand.

Amidst all the uncertainty and anxiety of the current COVID-19 climate, starting this pilot was a positive sign for both the participants and us. It represents once again how important this mission is and how we are focused on providing people independence, who need it now more than ever.