10 Scenarios Where Envision Glasses Transform Your Everyday Life

Choose a life of greater (& hands-free) independence.

February 28, 2024
joy reading a recipe in her kitchen with the envsion glasses

For those already familiar with the Envision app's transformative power, the Envision Glasses take accessibility and independence to the next level. These glasses aren't just a technological innovation; they're a gateway to hands-free independence, offering unparalleled support in a variety of daily scenarios. If you're contemplating whether the Envision Glasses are the right fit for you, here are ten scenarios where they prove to be indispensable, illustrating their features and benefits.

1. Shopping with Ease

Imagine scanning product labels and navigating aisles hands-free. Envision Glasses offer this convenience, allowing you to shop independently by reading out product details and guiding you through stores.

joy shopping at with the envision glassest the supermarke

2. Enjoying Books and Reading Menus

The glasses' OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology reads out printed or handwritten text from books and menus, the glasses narrate the content, ensuring you're part of every story and meal. And with Ask Envision added to the mix, you can receive a summary or answer any targeted question you have.

3. Help with Crossing Busy Streets

With Envision Glasses, crossing busy streets becomes safer and more confident. The glasses can describe the scene around you, helping you understand  pedestrian signals without asking for assistance. The Call an Ally feature enables you to contact a loved one who will then access your camera’s view and guide you on call.

4. Recognizing Faces at Gatherings

At social gatherings, Envision Glasses can recognize and announce the faces of friends and family, helping you engage more personally and confidently in conversations.

5. Attending Classes or Meetings

For students and professionals, these glasses are a game-changer. They can scan and read documents, presentations, and whiteboards in real-time, ensuring you stay engaged and informed during classes or meetings.

parham at a meeting using the envision glasses

6. Cooking and Baking

Follow recipes hands-free as the Envision Glasses read out instructions, measure ingredients accurately with voice guidance, and ensure safety while handling kitchen appliances.

7. Exploring New Places

Traveling or exploring new areas is enriched as the glasses describe landmarks, signs, and surroundings, making every outing an adventure without the need for a human guide. Here's an example of how the Envision App described an Amsterdam scene and the glasses take that describe to another level without the burden of carrying your phone around.

8. Enjoying Art and Exhibitions

Experience art like never before. The Envision Glasses can describe artworks and exhibitions, offering a rich, immersive experience that brings creativity to life through sound. The next time you’re off to a museum, be sure to share with us the description of your favorite painting.

9. Deciphering bills

Now that Ask Envision is available within Scan Text, extracting information from a long letter to pay a bill is a breeze.

10. Easier commute

When your hands are busy holding a cane or a guide dog, it takes a double tap on your Envision Glasses to access Instant Text to know that you are on the right train.

Joy at a tram station

Make the Leap to Hands-Free Independence:

By combining hands-free operation with powerful OCR and scene description capabilities, these glasses empower users to navigate the world independently and confidently.

If these scenarios resonate with you, it's time to consider making the Envision Glasses a part of your life. Embrace the future of accessibility and independence today. Visit Envision's website to explore further and make a purchase that will transform your everyday experiences. Join the community of users who are already experiencing the world differently, with Envision Glasses as their guide. Book your free demo now.

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