Empowering Communities Through Connection: The Journey of Janitha in Sri Lanka with Envision Glasses

The story of Janitha is one with endless possibilities.

March 20, 2024
Two men smiling indoors, Bhagya from Envision is wearing a dark blue shirt and Janitha is in wearing green t-shirt and the Envision glasses. The background includes a wooden cabinet and a painting, with a pattern of black dots surrounding the image, representing Envision's branding.

A movement towards a more inclusive and accessible future is taking shape in Sri Lanka, led by visionaries like Janitha Thalagodage. We recently had the pleasure to meet Janitha to hand him the Envision Glasses and witness the transformative impact of community. Here's our story...

The tale begins with Bhagya, Business Development Manager at Envision, who personally deliver the Envision Glasses to Janitha, who is blind, during his trip to Sri Lanka. This gesture was a special moment, which is a testament to our belief in the power of personal connection and in going the extra mile to ensure that every individual feels valued and supported.

Who is Janitha Thalagodage?

Janitha Thalagodage is a figure of inspiration, whose life's work aligns beautifully with Envision's ethos of creating a more accessible world. With a diverse background in development and public policy, software engineering, and languages, Janitha has made significant strides in accessible and inclusive social protection mobilization strategies. He serves as a director of the tech-based content and research start-up, Docuwiz Consultancies, and is a founding director of Enable Lanka Foundation. This network of young professionals is dedicated to leveraging inclusive development approaches for empowering marginalized communities in Sri Lanka, with a special focus on individuals with disabilities.

Janitha's expertise and advocacy have not gone unnoticed. He is the first Sri Lankan to receive NV Access certified expert certification and has been a panelist at national and international events, including forums hosted by global giants like Microsoft and organizations such as the United Nations. His work in political rights and representation of people with disabilities in Sri Lanka has been groundbreaking, showcasing his commitment to creating a more inclusive world.

Bhagya and Janitha in his home, Janitha is taking out his Envision Glasses out of the box

The Shared Vision

Our interaction with Janitha serves as a reminder of the joy found in genuine connections and the impact of our collective efforts to enhance accessibility. While it's not always possible to meet each community member in person, we will hold on to this encounter as it gave us the opportunity to meet such an influential and compassionate individuals and take our community engagement to the next level.

Towards a More Inclusive Future

We are inspired by Janitha's mission and this story of greater independence and advocacy illustrates the potential to change lives and communities for the better.

We invite you to join this movement of change and discovery. By exploring the capabilities of Envision Glasses through a free demo, you can take the first step towards choosing transformative technology. Together, let's embrace the possibilities that lie ahead and work towards a future where every individual has the tools and support they need to thrive.

This narrative of Janitha and Envision Glasses in Sri Lanka is a beacon of hope and a call to action for all of us. It's a reminder that technology, when coupled with compassion and community, has the power to transform lives. Join us in this journey towards creating a more inclusive world, one person, one community at a time.