Pioneering Dreams: Dave Wilkinson's Race Across the Appalachian

An Envisioner's journey to become the first blind tandem cyclist to complete Race Across America.

March 28, 2024
a photo of dave wilkinson on a tandem bike wearing the envision glasses

Dave Wilkinson, an inspirational figure in the blind and low vision community, is taking on a monumental challenge: to become the first blind tandem bike racer to conquer the Appalachian range. This endeavor isn't just about athleticism; it's a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the groundbreaking capabilities of assistive technology.

A Morning of Motivation

Our journey begins with Vanessa from Envision, who had the unique opportunity to meet Dave for a pre-CSUN workout session. Amidst the hum of gym equipment, Dave shared insights into his life as a digital accessibility analyst, his work with Hilton to enhance web and mobile app experiences, and his commitment to making the digital world more accessible for everyone. But it's his passion outside the digital realm that's truly breathtaking—tandem bike racing.

Speedy Turtles and Dream Chasers

Dave's team, aptly named "Speedy Turtles," isn't just a nod to the challenges faced but a badge of honor, symbolizing determination and the will to move forward, no matter the pace. As Envision proudly sponsors Dave's race, it's not just about supporting an athlete; it's about championing a cause that resonates deeply with our mission—breaking barriers and fostering an inclusive world. Learn more about supporting the Speedy Turtles.

Dave Wilkinson and his tandem partner and him wearing the envision glasses

The Envision Glasses: A Technological Companion

Dave's story highlights the synergy between human ambition and technological innovation. Envision Glasses serve as his eyes, narrating the world around him, from the scenic sunrises in the Rockies to the detailed descriptions of his surroundings. This isn't just technology at work; it's a partnership that empowers Dave to push boundaries and pursue his dreams.

Join the Journey

Dave's challenge goes beyond personal achievement; it's a call to action for all of us to support and be part of something bigger. As Envision continues to innovate and expand the possibilities of assistive technology, we invite you to explore the world through Envision Glasses.

Whether you're looking to break your records or simply experience the world in a new way, Envision Glasses are here to guide you. Book your free demo today.

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