Exploring Envision Glasses in Mystery Shopping: A Case Study

September 22, 2023
Picture of a blue coloured paper shopping bag

Putting the Envision Glasses to use, Vicky, our very own community manager, illuminates the transformative potential of Envision Glasses through her mystery shopping assignments. Harnessing the innovative features of these smart glasses, Vicky embarks on tasks that were once perceived as challenging for people who are blind or have low vision.

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, is a market research technique in which individuals, known as mystery shoppers, are hired to anonymously evaluate and assess various aspects of a company's products or services. These mystery shoppers act as regular customers and visit stores, restaurants, or interact with customer service representatives online or over the phone to provide detailed feedback on their experiences. The collected information helps businesses gain valuable insights into their performance, customer service quality, adherence to standards, and overall customer satisfaction, ultimately enabling them to make improvements and enhance the customer experience.

First Assignment: Unveiling the Restaurant Experience

Vicky's initial assignment takes her to a restaurant, an environment heavily reliant on visual observations.To successfully navigate this task, she leverages the glasses' integration with Aira, combined with a bluetooth connection. This collaboration allows her to access vital visual information and capture images essential for evaluating her surroundings. The range of questions she addresses encompasses the cleanliness of various surfaces to descriptions of waitstaff and the different dishes she ordered. Utilizing Envision Glasses, Vicky skillfully captures these details with the valuable assistance of an AIRA agent, who helped her capture the pictures that would be qualified for her mystery shopping assignment. 

Second Assignment: Navigating the Department Store Landscape

The ensuing challenge takes Vicky to a department store, where she utilizes Envision glasses' "Call an Ally" feature. Through this tool, she seamlessly interacts with an ‘ally’ (a friend or family member), who is able to help her capture all the necessary elements required for the assignment. Impressively, even the store's staff members were pleasantly surprised by her confident navigation, highlighting the remarkable potential of Envision Glasses to enhance her independence.

Freedom of Movement and Subtle Engagement

At the heart of Envision Glasses lies the capacity to empower users like Vicky to venture into unfamiliar terrain without compromise. By expertly utilizing the Aira integration and the ‘Call an Ally’ function, she not only conquers tasks that were once deemed impossible but also accomplishes them with ease. Unlike using a phone for photography, which may attract attention, the discrete nature of Envision glasses enables Vicky to furtively complete her assignments while upholding her role as a covert mystery shopper.

In Conclusion

In the remarkable journey through Vicky's experiences with Envision glasses, we witness the boundless potential of assistive technology to transform lives. As we celebrate Vicky's achievements in mystery shopping, we invite you to embark on your own Envision adventure.

We encourage you to share your own experiences with Envision Glasses. Whether you've used them for work or simply for something fun and creative, let your experiences inspire others. By joining hands, we can create a community where inclusivity thrives and potential is unlimited.