Join The World’s First Global Campaign for Access To Assistive Technology

Envision supports ‘Unlock The Everyday’ campaign launched in the World Economic Forum in Davos.

January 31, 2024
Filmmaker Leopoldine Huyghues Despointes, a global advocate on disability rights, and ATscale CEO Pascal Bijleveld address the launch in Davos.

The “Unlock the Everyday" campaign, launched at the prestigious World Economic Forum in Davos, represents a beacon of hope and progress. This groundbreaking initiative, backed by global leaders and organizations, seeks to democratize access to assistive technology, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their income or location, can benefit from these life-changing tools.

Vision of the Campaign:

The "Unlock the Everyday" campaign, led by figures like the First Lady of Pakistan and supported by organizations including ATscale, WHO, UNICEF, and the International Disability Alliance, calls for urgent global action. The campaign emphasizes the role of assistive technology as a bridge to opportunities in education, employment, and societal inclusion for those with disabilities, aging populations, and those suffering from non-communicable diseases.

Critical Need for Better Access

Today, an estimated 2.5 billion people require some form of assistive technology, from wheelchairs and hearing aids to smart glasses. However, a stark disparity exists, with only 10% of people in low-income countries having access to these essential technologies, compared to 90% in high-income countries. This gap hinders education, employment, and the ability to lead independent, fulfilling lives, exacerbating social and economic inequalities.

Research underscores the significant return on investment in assistive technology - for every dollar invested, a $9 return is expected through improved educational outcomes, employment opportunities, and healthcare savings. However, a substantial funding gap remains, highlighting the need for continued advocacy and investment.

The campaign urges global leaders to integrate assistive technology into their national plans and SDG strategies. It also highlights the need for the private sector to collaborate in improving supply chains for assistive technology. The goal is clear: to create a more inclusive world where no one is left behind.

Envision's Commitment:

At Envision, we resonate deeply with this cause as it aligns with our mission to increase access in the blind and low vision community to our assistive technology.

The Envision Glasses are AI-powered smart glasses that act as a window to the visual world, hence enabling people who are blind or have low vision to achieve greater independence.

We are always happy to be supporting initiatives that work towards expanding the reach of transformative cutting-edge technology.

As an assistive tech innovator, Envision stands with the "Unlock the Everyday" campaign. We invite our partners and our community to join us in supporting this campaign. Together, we can drive change and build a world where technology empowers everyone, everywhere.

Learn More and Get Involved:

To learn more about the "Unlock the Everyday" campaign and find out how you can contribute to this global movement, visit Unlock the Everyday.