Join the Inclusive Innovations Slack Channel: A Hub for Accessibility Advocates & Tech Disruptors

Spark conversations for innovative solutions together.

December 22, 2023

Inclusive Innovations is our new community on Slack, launched to join ideas and build new connections and working for a more accessible future for all. This platform is a growing hub where accessibility advocates, the blind and low vision community, and tech innovators unite to work together for a more accessible future.

Be Part of the Conversation

Our Slack channel is designed to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire innovation. We created spaces for:

  • Interactive Discussions: Share your ideas and be part of meaningful conversations about the latest assistive technologies and inclusive practices.
  • Resource Sharing: A space to seek advice, offer expertise, or access valuable resources related to inclusivity and assistive tech.
  • Event Updates: Stay informed about upcoming workshops, webinars, and gatherings focused on fostering inclusivity and advancing assistive technology.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Showcase your projects, innovations, or unique skills, and connect with others for potential collaborations.
  • Success Stories: Share and hear inspiring stories from individuals and organizations making significant strides in inclusion and accessibility.

The #ININ Slack is a growing movement towards innovation creating a more accessible world. Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur or a student interested in the field of accessibility, your voice and contributions are invaluable.

How to Join?

Joining is simple! Become part of our Slack community. Get ready to share your insights, make new connections and be part of this exciting journey of creative innovative solutions for a more accessible world.

What is the story behind it?

This year we held an American and European editions of our Inclusive Innovations (ININ) event, which are a melting pot of groundbreaking ideas and inspiring discussions featuring accessibility advocates from corporate and non-profit world and assistive technology disruptors. Since we believe that great solutions are built on the power of community, we launched the Inclusive Innovations Slack channel to seed burgeoning ideas through collaboration.

Want to know more about our latest Inclusive Innovations event? Read our ININ blog or watch our wrapup video below,  part of our #ININ playlist on Youtube including assistive tech talks and demo, panels on accessibility, and inspiring journeys of accessibility.