Empowering Voices: Follow These Inspiring Content Creators Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

These trailblazers are embracing a life of limitless possibilities.

February 22, 2024
collage of some of the content creators featured in the article. Ashleigh hertzig, mata lauren, amitpatel, and anastasia pagonis

During Low Vision Awareness Month, we at Envision are shining a spotlight on content creators who are also pioneers in their own right. These remarkable individuals, who are blind or have low vision, are redefining the narrative around sight loss, offering fresh perspectives and compelling insights into a world where every voice matters. Their contributions go beyond mere content creation; they are crafting pathways for empowerment, challenging prevailing stereotypes, and fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding.

Join us in celebrating these trailblazers, whose expertise and creativity contribute to a more inclusive world. This list is by no means exhaustive, and we are fond believers that every small win deserves to be celebrated. Feel free to share inspirational influencers that inspire you.

Tommy Edison (@blindfilmcritic)

Tommy Edison, known as the Blind Film Critic, uses his platform to offer a unique perspective on movies and to share his experiences of life without sight. His humor and candid discussions about blindness have captivated a vast audience, making him a beloved figure online.

Molly Burke (@mollyburkeofficial)

Molly Burke's vibrant personality shines through her social media presence, where she advocates for low vision awareness. Sharing stories from her life, Molly connects with her audience on a personal level, encouraging others to see the ability in disability. Her content is a powerful reminder of the strength and determination of individuals who are blind or have low vision.

James Rath (@jamesrath)

James Rath, a filmmaker and activist living with legal blindness, shares his journey and advocacy for accessibility in media. Through his work, James highlights the importance of technology and accessibility, offering insights and inspiring others to break down barriers in creative industries.

The Blind Life (Sam Seavy)

Sam Seavy, the mind behind 'The Blind Life' YouTube channel, focuses on assistive technology and tools that enhance the lives of people with blindness or low vision. His practical advice and reviews make technology more approachable, empowering his viewers to embrace innovation and independence.

Lucy Edwards (@lucyedwardsofficial)

Lucy Edwards is a beacon of positivity and resilience. As the first blind presenter on BBC Radio 1, Lucy's content spans across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where she shares her journey and insights into being blind. Her content is a blend of lifestyle, beauty, and advocacy, making the invisible, visible and the impossible, possible.

Steve Saylor (@stevesaylor)

Steve Saylor, or The Blind Gamer, merges the worlds of gaming and accessibility, providing a platform for discussions about inclusivity within the gaming community. His advocacy and content open up new dialogues about how games can be made more accessible to everyone.

Mata Lauren (@atemara)

Mata Lauren, a TV reporter and a mom, shares her journey with RP & Usher Syndrome on Instagram. Her posts reflect her impeccable style, her experiences, and the love for her son, showcasing the power of determination and the strength found in family.

Ashleigh Herzig (@tailsofaguidedog)

Ashleigh Herzig's Instagram provides a unique perspective on life with a guide dog. Her posts not only celebrate the bond between her and her guide dog but also offer insights into navigating life with low vision.

Amit Patel (@blinddad_uk)

Amit Patel shares his life as a father who is blind, offering a window into his world through Instagram. His posts underscore the joys and challenges of parenting with blindness, inspiring others with his honesty and optimism.

Hannah Weymouth (@blindnbored)

Hannah Weymouth takes to Instagram to share her adventures and experiences, proving that life is anything but boring when you're blind or have low vision. Her content is a mix of humor, lifestyle, and advocacy, encouraging her followers to embrace every moment.

Amar Latif (@theamarlatif)

Amar Latif, a traveler and entrepreneur, uses his platform to shatter stereotypes about blindness. Through his posts, Amar shares his globetrotting adventures, showing that blindness is not a barrier to exploring the world.

Anastasia Pagonis (@Anastasia_k_p)

Anastasia Pagonis, a Paralympian and world record holder in swimming, uses her platform to change perceptions about sight loss . Her achievements in sports and advocacy work inspire others to see the potential and power in every individual.

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