Introducing Envision Glasses Version 2.2.0: Elevating Your Experience with Enhanced Features

November 13, 2023
Graphic showing a picture of Ferkan working on his laptop, along with icons representing the new features updated on the Envision Glasses!

Welcome back! If you caught our last blog post, you're already in the loop about the amazing offline upgrades on the Envision Glasses (Version 2.2.0). Now, let's dive deeper into the other fantastic enhancements that have been introduced in the last update. Haven't read our previous post yet? No worries, you can catch up right here.

Beyond the remarkable offline improvements, we've fine-tuned the Envision Glasses to make your experience even better. We've sped up object and people detection, made exploring your surroundings more seamless, and elevated the accuracy of our Describe Scene feature. Here’s how:

Expanded Object Catalog: Your feedback is gold to us, and we've listened closely. Our Envision Glasses now recognize a broader range of objects, thanks to insights from our incredible community. Doors, door handles, stairs and much more items can now be identified. Your world just got even more accessible.

Image comparing the updated "find object" feature on Envision Glasses with its previous version."Clock notation on the new and improved "Find Object" feature on the Envision Glasses.Before: "Plant"Now: "Plant, 10 o'clock"

New Clock-Notation Positioning: We've introduced an innovation that's a game-changer. With clock-notation positioning, you'll have an unparalleled sense of orientation, making object discovery and navigation smoother and faster. Guided by auditory cues, the Envision Glasses lead you to your target using a clock face reference. For instance, if the door is at 9 o'clock and the window is at 2 o'clock, you'll know exactly where to go. This feature not only streamlines your daily tasks but also adds a touch of safety.

Image comparing the updated "find People" feature on Envision Glasses with its previous version."Clock notation update also for the "Find people" feature on the Envision Glasses.Before: "Looks like Pherkan". Now: "Looks like Pherkan, 1 o'clock"

Enhanced Explore Functionality: We've reimagined the Explore feature to be even more powerful. It can now identify an expanded range of objects. Paired with clock notation, you'll not only enjoy heightened spatial awareness but also the freedom to independently explore your surroundings. The world is truly at your fingertips.

Image comparing the enhanced 'Explore' feature on Envision Glasses with its previous version."Identify an expanded range of objects on the improved 'explore' feature paired with a clock notation."Before: "Plant", "Phone"Now: "Pherkan, 1o'clock", "Plant, 10 o'clock", "Bottle, 3 o'clock", "Phone, 12 o'clock"

Improved Describe Scene: Our commitment to excellence led us to refine the Describe Scene feature extensively. Brace yourself for even more precise and detailed descriptions of your environment. You'll be amazed at how the Envision Glasses paint a clearer picture of what's around you.

Image comparing the enhanced "Describe Scene" feature on Envision Glasses with its previous version."More detailed description with the 'Describe Scene' feature on the Envision Glasses."Before: "Looks like a person at a table with a laptop"Now: "Looks like a person wearing an olive green cap sitting at a wooden table with a laptop. There is also a phone ajnd a plant on the table."

So, there you have it – Envision Glasses Version 2.2.0, designed to make your world more vibrant and accessible. 

Listen and watch as Ferkan Metin, our Product Manager, explains the feature updates we've launched in version 2.2.0. Ferkan will briefly discuss the latest update and demonstrate how the new features work.

To check out developer release notes, click here. We are very curious how you find the new updates and would love to hear your feedback. Please do not hesitate to share your stories with the Envision community that can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and

If you don't own a pair, don't miss the chance to request a demo and explore the complete potential of Envision Glasses. Schedule a free demo today.

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